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Posted By: Phil Realmuto
Posted On: Friday January 10, 2020 at 12:57 PM
That’s a good point too Bob! Take the FM LeSabre show car
Its a model of a 1 off show car yet FM produced a few thousand of them. Its said to have been one of the best selling FM Diecasts! That supports my theory. IF a diecast model will sell, they will produce it regardless how many 1:1s were made. Mustangs and corvettes are popular 1:1s and in models. The gen 1 mustangs (1964 1/2- 1966) sold in record numbers. Over a Million were sold in this three year span. If I recall correctly about 1.2-1.3 MILLION 1:1s sold. Undoubtedly FM and DM SOLD thousands of copies of the different year Mustangs they offered. The 1:1 just has appeal and demand so diecast collectors want one as well

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Message thread:

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Great pictures John. I have this model both in green and black by Bob Jackman #55816.1
Since I am a station wagon guy I have both Black & Green (EOM) by John Munro #55816.1.1
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Great Shots John by David Trask #55816.3
This happens frequently particularly with one off concept cars. by Bob Jackman #55816.3.1
That’s a good point too Bob! Take the FM LeSabre show car by Phil Realmuto #55816.3.1.1
Interesting question that got me thinking ..... There are MANY diecast that hundreds even thousands by Phil Realmuto #55816.3.2
Very sharp / outstanding pics. (EOM) by Billy Collins #55816.4
+ 1 ... First time for me to see a green version ... Very Fetching (EOM) by Dennis Mong #55816.4.1
These are getting less expensive. Well the black one is. by Randall Carlisle #55816.5
.. have a few Woodies.... by William McElfresh #55816.6
I bought Blackie at a yard sale for a fiver. Stupid really I suppose, but it was by Bruce Gibbins #55816.7
Those are my favorite kind to buy. by Randall Carlisle #55816.7.1

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