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Posted By: John Shamblin
Posted On: Tuesday January 21, 2020 at 5:39 PM
WCPD collection
Hi John,

I've got an eBay search set up for WCPD, FM, and DM 1:24. I check the new listings just about every day and follow the one's I'm interested in. Last count, I've got about 30 WCPDs in my current collection. There's another tan '64 convertible not on the Shambles lot. It's on the bench where I've been trying reattach a few small parts but I keep super-gluing my fingers together instead.

Most of my WCPDs were in the $75 to $200 range, some with minor rash or perhaps a missing mirror or hubcaps (parts that can also be found on eBay). By far the most expensive model I've bought was a rare DM 1956 Buick Roadmaster convertible. First thing I did was knock off one of the hubcap spinners which immediately disappeared, never to be seen again.

That green convertible on the transporter I got for $104 + shipping. The hubcaps and fender skirts are in the trunk, just like the way the real ones were delivered. The best WCPD score I made was a lot of 4 '64s for $140. They were listed as "parts cars" but, other than slight rash on one and missing mirror or two on another, they were almost perfect! I love this hobby, but can get carried away during "happy hour" sometimes.

As for Connie, I'm still not sure how trustworthy she is... or Frank for that matter. He's got a drinking problem and has to walk to work. He lost his license after 3 DUIs in one week. Good thing he lives just up the hill across the cow pasture from Shambles Motors. The office furniture just came in, but my crew has to assemble and paint it.

Stay tuned to the "Shit load of Chevys" saga. Next up, 1959 WCPDs.

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