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Posted By: Phil Realmuto
Posted On: Wednesday January 22, 2020 at 1:16 PM
Can you let me know the name of the seller? I’ll try to find it too
RYou know come to think of it it was similar deal. The pictures of my MG only showed the left side of the car that had the door handle and conveniently any front shots were on an angle just enough to hide the drivers rear view so it wasn’t in the picture. I did reread description AND based on it saying MIB nothing broken or missing that is why I bought it. I even mentioned this to the seller! I have seen deceptive ads that say mib please look at all pictures. Well one time there was a Duesenberg TC. Most two common things on this to go AWOL are the drivers outside mirror and the V hood ornament. None of the sellers 8-10 pics showed enough of the model to reveal the missing mirror or hood ornament! How odd huh? Lol. So I contacted asking if said parts were present and secured. I get a two word reply (my favorite)

Ck pics

I then responded I did and none show if the parts I’m asking are attached. That said ARE THEY? I then get this response

“Model was displayed but is in great shape”

I then emailed seller the following “Being you like to play games and avoid answering my very specific simple questions best of luck with your sale! I will NOT be the winner! Good day - Phil

Well let me tell you this lead to him all of a sudden being Chatty Cathy lol. He now proceeds to call ME every name in the book, tell me I’m being very “demanding” considering it’s just a used car model that’s not even $100 bucks etc... he then said “if your broke ass can’t afford these things then collect bottles or pens”. Can you Imagine this! To me if all people whom always tries to be respectful of others.

My last reply was “you’ve been reported to EBay for violating their terms. Regards!!!” This JA then sends one last email

“@uck EBay too”. ....... Nice huh?
I forwarded all my emails between us explained that all I wanted to know was if the model was complete to which I got riddles. I got a reply saying that they are investigating my complaint and that they prohibit use of profanity and harassing words or tone should never be used etc. well 3 days later I got an email stating “Due to the circumstances regarding your recent interaction with seller xyz EBay has cancelled the sellers account indenfinitely! We at EBay will not tolerate such behavior etc. so they DO listen and take matters seriously. Btw not that this will be a shocker lol but the seller had more then a few negatives!! Lol

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I didn’t say in one month you added that in. I simply said he had more then a few negatives by Phil Realmuto #55858.
I hate to mention a name in case I am wrong. by Randall Carlisle #55858.

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