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Posted By: George Bojaciuk
Posted On: Wednesday January 22, 2020 at 2:14 PM
I think you’re right, Phil!
Death is the leading cause of collection liquidation. To Philís point, itís a good way to add to your collection.

Years ago, I bought my first Corvette from a kiosk at the King of Prussia Mall. I was still a Respiratory Therapist, doing Home Care. One of my clients, Bruce Foster, turned me on to this site. What a great guy! He was in end stage COPD. He loved to build, but could not paint. I painted a few things for him. He so looked forward to my visits, as did I. He had two DM oak cases filled with gorgeous cars! After he passed, his wife called me and asked if I would buy the cases. I did...we didnít haggle....letís face it, that was not the time. In addition she gave me some of his tools and a clear V8 kit that he started. I still use his airbrush and think of him very fondly.

His collection went to his son. No idea what he did with the cars.

I know my wife has said that a huge dumpster will be in the driveway. I acquiesced and told her that 3 people will be allowed in the shop to go for the model stuff. After the model feeding frenzy, beer and wings for all.

These three guys keep asking me how I feel....almost every day! I swear, one sits up the block....

What means a lot to you and I, is really meaningless to the next generation. I see it in my neighborís kids.

Iíve been asked on many occasions, how I could part with this or that....simple answer. If I get what I want for it, let someone else carry on the admiration of the item. Let them enjoy the history and the craftsmanship.

Iíve cleaned out my parents home after my mom passed. The things she cherished, had no significance to me. Certainly, not to my wife. In reality, this is what will happen when Iím gone, unless I follow thru with my plan.

In closing...no....Iím not dead yet, so all of you just chill!

...and oh, a list of items will be available in the lobby on you way out! Lol!

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Congrats Bruce, good deal! I paid the regular price when the model came. (EOM) by Chav Popov #55862.
Bruce I’m not sure that you know this but I think they standardized the pricing on the reg 1:24 line by Phil Realmuto #55862.
This is Automedello, Phil? Then no, I had no clue at all. I notice on ebay at the by Bruce Gibbins #55862.
Bruce, seller of both listing is the same MintModels = Legacy = owner of this site/D4C by Chav Popov #55862.
Oh, really, wheels within wheels eh, Chav? Their marketing rational would be by Bruce Gibbins #55862.
Thanks Chav you beat me to it! The Jeno Duesenberg is NOT an Automodello model! (EOM) by Phil Realmuto #55862.
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Your reasoning makes a great deal of sense there Phill. I'll have to check with by Bruce Gibbins #55862.10.1.1
I say go for it! Again that more or less “issue price” even though it seems pricey! (EOM) by Phil Realmuto #55862.
I've received official clearance to proceed with the DM 1935 Ford Coupe` by Bruce Gibbins #55862.
Double trouble again. Sorry folks. (EOM) by Bruce Gibbins #55862.11

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