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Posted By: Robert Kroupa
Posted On: Thursday January 23, 2020 at 3:45 PM
I've sold one complete collection- my Corvettes- then collected many again- finally made a decision on direction of collecting and sold those no longer included in that direction-
Will I ever sell all- probably not-

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Message thread:

Opinions requested. Why do you think there’s a lot of inventory currently? by Phil Realmuto #55862
I think you’re right, Phil! by George Bojaciuk #55862.1
Just curious, George. You know, just in case. What kind of wings will you be serving? (EOM) by Rick Scoville #55862.1.1
Dry, well done...hot sauce on the side. I have requested Bee Sting from the local place! by George Bojaciuk #55862.1.1.1
Sounds delish. The way I like them. I'm impressed you've planned that far in advance with so. by Rick Scoville #55862.
Oh no, Rick! by George Bojaciuk #55862.
Phil and George, great thoughts on the subject... by John Napoli #55862.2
Good question Phil and great points by all so far. Here's my take on it. by George Schire #55862.3
Well, Bunky... by George Bojaciuk #55862.3.1
George that’s all interesting and I too feel similar but that was NOT my question!! by Phil Realmuto #55862.3.2
I think my answer is there... by George Bojaciuk #55862.3.2.1
Phil, I think the answer to your question is that, like many things in life, people by George Schire #55862.3.2.2
Selling by Robert Kroupa #55862.
Decreasing number of collectors of 1:24 scale models. by Chav Popov #55862.4
THAT really put it into perspective Chav, thanks! It’s essentially a supply and demand thing but... by Phil Realmuto #55862.4.1
Phil, you are making another good point ... by Chav Popov #55862.4.1.1
I don't see a huge increase in die casts on eBay... by John Shamblin #55862.
My observation is that the bulk of auction listings result from three by Bruce Gibbins #55862.5
Bruce the last paragraph made me think! The 1:1 car hobby is doomed too! by Phil Realmuto #55862.5.1
The older cars guys like me (55) don't care for hence thier low price and no 1\24 being made, so no by chris payne #55862.5.1.1
Wait just a darn minute. I'm 53 and want all the 40s and 50s cars I can get. (EOM) by Randall Carlisle #55862.
Randal I’m 53 too, not for long though lol Jan 29 I turn 54. by Phil Realmuto #55862.
I'm 65 and love 50's cars! In fact, my modest collection is limited to model years '49 through '60. by Al Dorado #55862.
Several pundits in print and on YT have made some interesting observations by Bruce Gibbins #55862.5.1.2
I bid on cars on Ebay and I always have other bidders competing against me. If the 1/24 market is by Tim Kubiak #55862.6
Keep in mind that there is inertia in the market in the .. by Chav Popov #55862.6.1
Some good points but I think the reason that there’s still inventory of the J Leno Duesenberg is.... by Phil Realmuto #55862.6.1.1
Duesenburgs are the cars I've liked consistently since I was a teenager. by Bruce Gibbins #55862.
$198.95 or best offer on eBay by MintModels (EOM) by Chav Popov #55862.
Many thanks for the lead Chav. I have this moment submitted an offer - we shall see what transpires (EOM) by Bruce Gibbins #55862.
An up-date, MintModels accepted my offer and soon the model will be on it's way to me. by Bruce Gibbins #55862.
Congrats Bruce, good deal! I paid the regular price when the model came. (EOM) by Chav Popov #55862.
Bruce I’m not sure that you know this but I think they standardized the pricing on the reg 1:24 line by Phil Realmuto #55862.
This is Automedello, Phil? Then no, I had no clue at all. I notice on ebay at the by Bruce Gibbins #55862.
Bruce, seller of both listing is the same MintModels = Legacy = owner of this site/D4C by Chav Popov #55862.
Oh, really, wheels within wheels eh, Chav? Their marketing rational would be by Bruce Gibbins #55862.
Thanks Chav you beat me to it! The Jeno Duesenberg is NOT an Automodello model! (EOM) by Phil Realmuto #55862.
Phil, I think you are spot on. My original plan was to display and enjoy my models until I retired by Frank Kocour #55862.7
Wow I didn’t know you went through that Frank. Only that you sold most of your cars by Phil Realmuto #55862.7.1
Life throws curves. (EOM) by Frank Kocour #55862.7.1.1
selling out by Randall Carlisle #55862.8
Like George Schire, I will enjoy my collection every day until I kick. by Al Dorado #55862.9
Thinking about ebay and LE models there is just one that I'm after. by Bruce Gibbins #55862.10
Bruce while that might seem high, the original price from DM WAS $249 or $269 I forget plus tax/ship by Phil Realmuto #55862.10.1
Your reasoning makes a great deal of sense there Phill. I'll have to check with by Bruce Gibbins #55862.10.1.1
I say go for it! Again that more or less “issue price” even though it seems pricey! (EOM) by Phil Realmuto #55862.
I've received official clearance to proceed with the DM 1935 Ford Coupe` by Bruce Gibbins #55862.
Double trouble again. Sorry folks. (EOM) by Bruce Gibbins #55862.11

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