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Posted By: Jean Philippe Sergent
Posted On: Monday February 10, 2020 at 10:30 AM
Pics. 1959 Flattop Sedan Deville. An unusual Cadillac...
As this forum is king enough to let me post some 1/25th models, I thought I could share this Cadillac, my latest build of 2020.

This is of course a Sedan Deville 4 Windows, called Flat top, a resin kit conversion made from the Monogram Eldorado kit by the incredibly talented Paul Hettick. This flat top kit comes with the body, rear glass, accurate hubcaps, rear bumper and interior. It needs the Monogram kit as a donor for the other parts, such as the front bumper, chassis, hood and front bumper...
Although many of these Cadillac were painted in a light color, I wanted a dark one to enhance the chrome details. I thought about getting as close as "London gray Metallic", a colour offered on the catalogue that year.

Not only reserved to Cadillac, these flat tops were amazing in term of style on all GM's cars back then, don't you think ?

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Message thread:

Pics. 1959 Flattop Sedan Deville. An unusual Cadillac... by Jean Philippe Sergent #55954
Very sweet! (EOM) by Randall Carlisle #55954.1
Well done! I like the flattops too. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #55954.2
Nicely done. (EOM) by Richard Sufficool #55954.3
Good job! (EOM) by Al Dorado #55954.4
Nice Work. (EOM) by Evan Morgan #55954.5
Outstanding!! Excellent work! (EOM) by Tim Kubiak #55954.6
Well done! by John Shamblin #55954.7
+1 ! (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #55954.7.1
Thank you very much John !. It's really appreciated. (EOM) by Jean Philippe Sergent #55954.7.2
Looks great! I also prefer the GM flat top look over the other body styles offered in 1959-60. (EOM) by Pete Rovero #55954.8
Nice work and love the car. (EOM) by Frank Kocour #55954.9
Love dem flat tops and this one is a beauty. (EOM) by Gene Mills #55954.10
This One is Another by David Trask #55954.11
Thank you all so much for your kind words ! (EOM) by Jean Philippe Sergent #55954.12

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