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Posted By: Galen Laird
Posted On: Thursday March 26, 2020 at 9:30 AM
45th Year 1998 Chevrolet Corvette by Franklin Mint

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Message thread:

45th Year 1998 Chevrolet Corvette by Franklin Mint by Galen Laird #56230
Galen: That should read 55th year (EOM) by Stanton Lyman #56230.1
I don't think so. (EOM) by Andy Sixsmith #56230.1.1
Gentleman by David Trask #56230.1.1.1
David, your math is spot-on! Here's 159 of aprx 250 DM & FM Corvettes...(PICS) by Tony Perrone #56230. Diplomat
your collection is very impressive... (EOM) by Galen Laird #56230.
Great collection. Love those C2s. (EOM) by Billy Collins #56230.
Tony... have you seen a nice 1:24 of the 2020 / C8 ...yet? (EOM) by Billy Collins #56230.
No sir, still looking........ (EOM) by Tony Perrone #56230. Diplomat
Legacy Motors has a pre-order for a Maisto 1/24 C8 Vette (EOM) by John Napoli #56230.
Wow!! That is just outstanding!! (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #56230.
Sorry, my comment was for Tony's collection pics. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #56230.
Great collection, Tony. Your '83 is my all-time favorite! by David Palmeter #56230.
1998 - 1953 = 45 (EOM) by John Shamblin #56230.
On my shelf with 82 of it's Corvette siblings... (EOM) by William McElfresh #56230.2
You have 83 1/24 Corvettes ?!! WOW !! Can you break them down by years for us ? Any pics ? (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #56230.2.1
will update my pictures and post (EOM) by William McElfresh #56230.2.1.1
Hi William ... That's about how many I have as well ... give a lil more perhaps (EOM) by Dennis Mong #56230.2.2
Roughly mid 90's here in Jaw-ja. (EOM) by Andy Sixsmith #56230.2.2.1
hmm...Georgia ? lol (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #56230.
Good mawning sir .. As a Southern Gentleman as my self .. I completely understand yaw'r tongue ... by Dennis Mong #56230.
Roll Tide..... by John Shamblin #56230.
Would that be Alabama 'Mr. Crimson'? (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #56230.
Mr Crimson could get bit by a GA Bulldawg .... he he he - Just joking here (EOM) by Dennis Mong #56230.
Tony ... Good morning sir .. I sure fancy that thar Yellow hat, .308 bullet and that by Dennis Mong #56230.2.3

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