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Posted By: John Merritt
Posted On: Saturday September 12, 2020 at 8:59 AM
The best color on the Impala models.

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Message thread:

PICs - another Danbury '58 Chevy............. by Hollis Cornell #57228
Extremely sharp / outstanding pics. Looks so much better without the 'connie'. (EOM) by Billy Collins #57228.1
And yet, somehow I don't mind the 'connie' on my turquoise convertible. (EOM) by Billy Collins #57228.1.1
Hollis, can you explain how you removed the tire well? (EOM) by John Napoli #57228.2
My question too....and wheres the spare LOL (EOM) by Ron Dietrich #57228.2.1
John, My son cut it off with his Dremel tool. For now tire is laying in trunk. (EOM) by Hollis Cornell #57228.2.2
So does that mean you now have a hole in the trunk? (EOM) by John Napoli #57228.2.2.1
For now yes John. Till I come up with a lower tire hump. Does it mater it can't be seen anyway. (EOM) by Hollis Cornell #57228.
In deleting the Connie kit Was the rear bumper replaced ? (EOM) by Laurence Kemling #57228.3
Laurence, Yes the bumper was replaced with the straight bumper from a blue Junker.. (EOM) by Hollis Cornell #57228.3.1
Thanks Hollis,she looks beautiful you did a outstanding job. (EOM) by Laurence Kemling #57228.3.1.1
You must've shaved off the spare tire well (bulge) from the model. Looks good. (EOM) by Brian Cox #57228.4
The best color on the Impala models. (EOM) by John Merritt #57228.5
Looks gr8. I prefer the twin antennas and no skirts, though. (EOM) by Al Dorado #57228.6
I have this and the Black LE convertible. Both are nice (EOM) by Phil Realmuto #57228.7

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