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Posted By: Clifford Read
Posted On: Sunday September 13, 2020 at 12:37 PM
(PICS) Larry's one-off precision-diecast of a stock '37 Ford 'flatback' Sedan

’37 Fords were perhaps not the most attractive of FORD’s early years, but 10 years ago, my brother, Larry, figured that since no manufacturer offered a precision diecast of a stock ’37 Standard sedan, he’d make one…. Just because he could.
Testors offered a simple metal kit of a ‘hot rod only’ ’37 ‘flat-back’ sedan, which Larry took as starting material as well as the chassis/drivetrain from a derelict ‘Franklin ’36 Ford. With lots of internet reference, he proceeded to cut open the trunk lid area and fabricate a hinged aluminum/styrene lid, the trunk interior, firewall, main interior, inner door panels, seats, headliner, etc. He chose ’37 Ford Dalmatian Green as the exterior color with the standard light grey as the interior. Below are a few of his pics of the construction, as well as the finished sedan.

Below, Larry's '37 Ford is shown alongside his one-off model of a pre-war Mack EHT tractor and tanker trailer

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Message thread:

(PICS) Larry's one-off precision-diecast of a stock '37 Ford 'flatback' Sedan by Clifford Read #57239
OMG! That is absolutely fantastic. A brilliant job. (EOM) by John Merritt #57239.1
The 37 Ford slantback two door sedan has always been one of my favorite by Bob Jackman #57239.2
Incredible craftsmanship. (EOM) by Brian Cox #57239.3
Beautiful work. (EOM) by Evan Morgan #57239.4
Clifford! You guys are fantastic. If ever you want to perform.... by Dan Duma #57239.4.1
WOW - Awesome! (EOM) by Tony Perrone #57239.5ModeratorZone Diplomat
flawless work and an exquisite result (EOM) by John Barry #57239.6
The body work is just superb! (EOM) by Richard Sufficool #57239.7
STUNNING... as I drool on my keyboard. (EOM) by Billy Collins #57239.8
Incredible skill! (EOM) by Geoff Jowett #57239.9
Awesome! DM quality! (EOM) by Tim Kubiak #57239.10
Wow! Very impressive work. (EOM) by John Shamblin #57239.11
WOW!!!! (EOM) by Frank Kocour #57239.12
Wow and how! (EOM) by Ron Dietrich #57239.13
Amazing! Looks like it was produced by one of the Mints. (EOM) by Pete Rovero #57239.14

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