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Posted By: Clifford Read
Posted On: Thursday October 15, 2020 at 8:34 AM
(PICS) Larry's '41 Mack EH with 24' Sinclair Tanker trailer....from over 8 years ago

Although Larry still scratch-builds lots of parts and details for his models using styrene, his real pleasure is in building assemblies in soldered brass and most of his models these days will have at least the steering axle, hinges, small lights, ladders, and outside rear-view mirrors fabricated in brass, resulting in durability where styrene would be fragile. Larry's even been known to demonstrate the brass advantage by lifting the model off the table by its outside mirrors. Brass channel used on visible areas of truck frames also provides a more realistic 'look' .

A 1/24 diecast YatMing Mack fire pumper provided the basic cab for this '41 Mack tractor, although many modifications were required to improve the cab proportion and detail using accurate period reference material such as factory photos and maintenance literature, etc. Although reference to restored vehicles is often available as well, Larry prefers old factory photos and manuals, since there's a tendency for truck restorers to add lots of 'bling' and accessories that wouldn't have been typical for the era.

The tanker trailer is entirely scratchbuilt using styrene for the main body and, again, brass for the more potentially fragile details such as landing gear, brackets, hinges, ladder, and small lights, etc. The design of the tanker trailer doesn't follow any particular trailer manufacturer design but, using lots of available reference, represents an amalgam of typical fuel tanker practices of the era, as might have been produced by a local coach/truck-body manufacturer. The fuel delivery plumbing under the trailer is fabricated using a combination of thick silver-solder wire as well as brass and aluminum tubing.

This tanker model took a couple of months of fairly steady time to complete but Larry says it was entirely pleasurable, both in the planning and execution. Final paint was automotive basecoat/clearcoat with Humbrol, Testors, and Tamiya paints used to pick out tiny details.

The 'Signature' fire truck that was the initial inspiration for this two month build back in 2012

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