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Posted By: Dan Muldowney
Posted On: Monday January 7, 2019 at 7:46 PM
Hey Phil, this is indeed the last Duesenburg ever delivered to a client.
The car was ordered by a German artist named Bauer in 1937, after Duesenberg had closed. The chassis had to be manufactured from leftover spare parts, and was approved by Augie Dusenburg before being shipped to the customer. Once Bauer received the bare chassis, his original intention was to ship it to Erdmann & Rossi in Europe to have a body built, however, due to deteriorating political conditions in Europe, he changed his mind before it was shipped. Instead, he sent the chassis to Rollson coach builders who manufactured a one off custom design that was not delivered until 1940. You will often see the car listed under either model year. It really just depends on who is describing it. In any event, it was certainly the last Duesenberg to be delivered complete by the coachbuilder to the client.

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Message thread:

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Hey Phil, this is indeed the last Duesenburg ever delivered to a client. by Dan Muldowney #28600.4.1
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Amen to that Phil!! I always thought this was a really fantastic Duesenberg.. by Dan Muldowney #28600.5.1

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