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Posted By: Zack Cutler
Posted On: Tuesday January 8, 2019 at 1:29 PM
A world of pain?
Please be patient with me; I don't know 100% of what I'm talking about regarding the real cars, but the customization I see from my fellow members on this board has me thinking just about anything is possible! :)
I've seen the Autoworld (ex-Precision 100 Ertl?) '57 Chrysler 300 still being advertised, and it looks like you can pick them up fairly easily through ebay.
Now I absolutely respect the '57 300 and what the real car offers- however, I just can't get past that nose.
I do however, love the '59 Dodge, and really dislike Sunstar's attempt at it. We're never likely to get another diecast, fully-opening '59 Dodge in a more accurate shape, so here's my question: Is it impossible to use the Autoworld 300 as a basis/skeleton to correct the SS '59 Dodge? If it's possible, I'd likely build a D-500 type sleeper, keeping the 300's engine and such, but try and de-content the Dodge to a base hardtop model.
Is the SS so flawed that even trying to put the Dodge panels on a 300 body wouldn't work? I get the sense it won't work at all, but thought I'd run the idea by you guys. Also, if major things like the roofline are completely different between the two real cars, I'd understand that it's not worth the trouble.
Or, could I possibly use the (Ertl?) '58 Plymouth as a base? Obviously I'd prefer to use the 300 for the proper hinges and additional detail...

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