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Posted By: Marlowe Johnson
Posted On: Friday March 22, 2019 at 7:37 PM
PICS - This is my Prestige Series Porsche 997. However, it does feature a few.... modifications.
Years ago, a friend of mine and I were teasing each other who could build the best model car. So we decided to have a contest. We agreed that we’d buy the same model car, build, and modify them. Our build deadline was 2 months, and we agreed to have our wives judge our finished model cars and the winner. We bet $20.00.

We purchased the 1:8 scale Pocher Porsche as our contest model. The car cost $200.00. The plan for my model was as follows:

1. Operating head and tail lights
2. Operating brake light activated from the brake pedal
3. Upholstered interior
4. Chromed wheels
5. Detail the engine
6. Create a custom license plate
7. Tint the glass
8. Paint the brake calipers and drill rotors
9. Create a better CHMSL
10. Real glass mirrors

After spending approximately $1,000.00 on modifying and building my model, we never did have the contest for the $20.00! Along the way, as we both individually developed innovations for the models, we’d share with each other what we’d done so far. Ultimately, we both incorporated our individually developed elements into both models. It was a fun contest and I spun off 3 separate eBay businesses from this endeavor. Two of the three are still operating with people to whom I sold the businesses. The first is the "Before" image. The rest are the "After."

 photo Before.jpg
 photo Porschefrontview2.jpg
 photo Porsche3quarterview.jpg
 photo Porschefront3qtrlitview.jpg
 photo Porschefront3qtrview.jpg
 photo Porschesideview.jpg
 photo Porschesideview3.jpg
 photo InteriorBrakePedalview.jpg
 photo BrakePedal.jpg
 photo doorjam.jpg
 photo MartysEngineInstalled.jpg
 photo PorscheDiscBrake2.jpg
 photo Untitled-2copy.jpg
 photo PorscheRearViewLow.jpg

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