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Posted By: Mike DeTorrice
Posted On: Monday May 13, 2019 at 5:36 AM
The problems with Facebook are many, although I post fairly regularly there.
I am on FB often, and although can be enjoyable to catch up with friends and family and post semi-regularly in the groups I am in, I would say it's a pathetic set up to easily compose and post messages and have a structured thread line like there can be here and in some other dedicated forums.

Here, you have a "Preview" of your post and images before you post them and you can quickly and easily make changes. On Facebook, if you are writing a post and hit the "Enter/Return" key on your keyboard, it doesn't start a new paragraph as any other logical place would ...... it immediately posts whatever you have up live at that point on line. Idiotic set up. You have to remember to hit the "Shift" key first before "Enter/Return" to get a new paragraph.

You want to write "Congratulations" or "Congrats" to someone on their great mod or new purchase or fine picture ? Some clown on FB has decided to automatically put that word in a new fancy colored font, unless and until you then hit the little "X" cancel button. Useless wastes designed by HTML coding morons at FB.

Threads on FB can become confused rather quickly and additional replies can get lost in the "Click to see more replies" void. Replies can also get mixed up between a reply to the thread in general, or one that is directed towards one of the participants.

As for pictures, Facebook is horrible and talk about clunky. Posting properly sized pictures here is a breeze as is setting up the order in which you want to have images appear. I can not understand why anyone would think re-sizing a photograph is some mystery. It is not. On FB, multiple pictures will appear as a separate "album" ..... which I do NOT want to do. I want them to appear at the end as a part of my post or within the body of my post.

I have had FB decide to re-size visuals that I have posted, ruining the intent and impact of my photos, whether in a diecast group or various research groups I am in. I do appreciate or tolerate ANYONE, least of all some FB clown decide to re-size my images ....... which I don't find out until later.

FB has also placed images up in a completely different order than the way they were posted by me. Here, at the DCZ, I have control of that BEFORE I post any visuals.

Given Facebook's screwed up and biased algorithims, if I posted a picture of a German Grand Prix car in the 1930's that happens to have a swastika on the side, I don't want some clueless fool deciding to censor that of warn me about some imagined slight.

Facebook has it's place and can certainly be useful but it is no easy answer to any issues that have been mentioned.

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