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Posted By: Josh Shy
Posted On: Monday May 13, 2019 at 9:30 AM
I understand, my wife and daughters are all on
FB and I make an effort to avoid it and most other social groups like this. The things that are said, the hate and meanness that comes so easy to people when not confronted by an actual person seems to be getting worse to me. Here you must use self control or face the fact that what you post may be removed. I actually come here every day to check new releases, and I look at the forums for other peoples pictures just for fun. I am amazed at the responses from the 1/24 scale collectors, diehard fans where there is not a lot happening as far as new releases. 1/18 is still an active scale, although changing with more resin releases now, but post are dwarfed compared to the 1/24 posters. It is a new age, changing all the time, here is a safe place to me, I plan to keep posting here.

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Message thread:

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I understand, my wife and daughters are all on by Josh Shy #28885.
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LOL (EOM) by Josh Shy #28885.
I don't Facebook and have no plans to sign up. My wife is on Facebook and by Rick Scoville #28885.1.2.3

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