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Posted By: Josh Shy
Posted On: Tuesday May 14, 2019 at 1:42 PM
The 1967 Indy 500 was a wild ride for Parnelli
Jones who last won the race in a front engine Offenhauser powered roadster. So here is todays trivia question, what does STP stand for? you'll find the answer at the end of the post.
It all started in 1966, Ken Wallis had designed and developed a concept of a gas turbine powered race car. The project was presented to various big names of the times such as Dan Gurney and even Carroll Shelby, only for the concept to be turned down. A clever Andy Granatelli, CEO of STP, someone who wasn't afraid of exploring new boundaries did express his interest for the concept and that is how it all started.
Joe Granatelli, Andy's brother was to be the man responsible for making it happen with the help of Wallis and his crew. The project was handled at STP's Paxton division in Santa Monica California from January 1966.
Granatelli used the clever idea of the side-by-side concept introduced by another speed merchant well known in the Indy community, Smokey Yunick. Composed of an aluminum mono-coque backbone chassis with the turbine engine hanging off the left side and driver on the right. With a Ferguson four-wheel drive transmission, already familiar to Andy, look up the Novi Ferguson for more information. The car sported double wishbones and inboard mounted suspension at the four corners as well as disc brakes all the way around and an aerodynamic brake located behind the driver.
Powered by a Pratt & Whiney ST6B-62 made by United Aircraft of Canada LTD, said to produce 550 "shaft horsepower" at 6200 rpm. Granatelli later disclosed in an interview in 2000 "Every single thing on the car except the wheels and the turbine engine was built in house." The reason, "We didn't want to go to any outside vendor to have them know that we were building a very special race car." And it was a surprise when he showed up at Indy.
Parnelli Jones qualified the car in sixth place with an average speed of 166.075 mph. From the start, in turn two he took the lead from Mario Andretti and rarely relinquished it only for the car to fail on lap 197 due to a failed $6.00 ball bearing coming apart in the drivetrain. Leading the field by 3 laps at one time, what a sad end to a beautiful design and great "think turbine" effort. But that's not the end of the story!

Parnelli's victory car

A little preview of things to come!

And what does STP stand for? Scientifically Treated Petroleum, hope you enjoyed the post!

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Message thread:

The 1967 Indy 500 was a wild ride for Parnelli by Josh Shy #28896
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