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Posted By: Josh Shy
Posted On: Wednesday May 15, 2019 at 8:48 AM
Another post about the 1967 Indy 500....
This post spread over two days has something in common with the actual race, do you know what the connection is? the answer found at the end of the post.
Going into time trials Mario Andretti was the pole favorite and on the final day of practice he turned the fastest practice lap in Indy history at over 168mph. Among others expected to contend for the front row were Roger Mccluskey, A.J. Foyt and Gordon Johncock. Parnelli Jones driving the STP Paxton Turbocar was in the top ten of practice speeds but never on top. Some in the garage area accused the team of sandbagging!
When Jones car coasted to a stop on lap 197 due to a simple failed trans bearing A.J. Foyt assumed the lead and weaved his way through a pileup on the final lap to win his third Indy 500 victory. This was the first win for Goodyear since 1919. Leaving the sport in 1922 Goodyear returned in 1964 and in 1967 snapped firestone's record of 43 consecutive Indy wins.
Right after the 1967 race USAC, the governing body, changed the rules drastically, reducing the possible intake area for turbine powered cars from 23.999 inches to just 15.999 inches in order to reduce the advantage of the new design. Here are some pictures of A.J.'s car with the offset suspension and fuel tank to help with handling the all left hand turn track.

I felt the importance of the STP Paxtin Turbine car required a separate post even though it did not win the race. This second post to show the race winner and A.J.'s third 500 victory was also important. Now what does this have in common with the actual 1967 race? The 51st running of the Indianapolis 500 was scheduled for Tuesday the 30th. The race started on time but after only 18 laps the race was red flagged for rain and resumption was held at 10:00am the following day, making it a two day event. Hope you enjoyed the post!

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