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Posted By: Christopher Moroni
Posted On: Thursday May 16, 2019 at 8:14 PM
...They are far, FAR from "spotless, show car" poster-perfect.

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Message thread:

PICS - Sox & Martin by Marlowe Johnson #28907
*** XCLNT TRIO *** .... Nice ... (EOM) by Dennis Mong #28907.1
I wish they would make a by Jim Thoren #28907.2
I'm in! (EOM) by Josh Shy #28907.2.1
Who knows better than you? If it can get done, you and your compadre... by Marlowe Johnson #28907.2.2
Just gotta love that l-o-n-g nose 'Cuda. An outstanding MJ effort (IMO). (EOM) by Christopher Moroni #28907.3
I would like to see a photo shoot of just that by Josh Shy #28907.3.1
PICS - Here you go! I must admit, this one really kicked my butt! It was a lot more... by Marlowe Johnson #28907.3.1.1
The struggles just make it that much more by Josh Shy #28907.
Right. And any slight imperfections make it that much more realistic. Ever see real gassers? (EOM) by Christopher Moroni #28907.
...They are far, FAR from "spotless, show car" poster-perfect. (EOM) by Christopher Moroni #28907.
OK, I'll buy that reason to excuse my imperfections! LOL! (EOM) by Marlowe Johnson #28907.
Outstanding set. I'm a GM-guy; but, I'd love to see a '65 Satellite fastback hardtop in 1:24 or 1:18 (EOM) by Billy Collins #28907.4
You're loosing me Billy. That first car is the '65 Plymouth hardtop in 1/18. (EOM) by Christopher Moroni #28907.4.1
Isn't it technically a Belvedere? And the hardtop has no post / window-door frame. (EOM) by Billy Collins #28907.4.1.1
Actually, it was a hardtop. However, a bit modified. Allow me to explain. by Marlowe Johnson #28907.
(PIC) Billy, the ONLY 1/18 AWB '65 Satellite I'm aware of is Lee Smith's. Which is a knock out! by Christopher Moroni #28907.
That's sharp. OK, I said it wrong. Instead of the 'modified, prototype, AWB' '65 Satellite - what .. by Billy Collins #28907.
That is a great model, well detailed in every by Josh Shy #28907.

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