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Posted By: Robert Bolin
Posted On: Friday August 9, 2019 at 2:32 AM
I have lots of 1:43 and most are resin.
I also enjoy building resin and white metal static kits in several scales. The finish on a resin or white metal kit or factory/pro built car is often superior to the diecast with the opening doors and hood.

Now I'll admit I enjoy Exoto's 1:18 Cobra Coupe Daytona and Corvette Grand Sports (and CM/Jouef full boxed cars) but their tight fits and high level of detail far exceed burago or Revell or Maisto and the resin and other static models look nicer on the display shelf.

The only fully operables that mean that much to me other than the two mentioned are Pocher 1/8 kits, JRL/Anson 1:12 and FM/DM 1:24 from the golden age of diecast.

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