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Posted By: Marlowe Johnson
Posted On: Saturday November 9, 2019 at 9:33 AM
I honestly do not think the hobby is dying. I participate in a number of 1:18 scale...
... Facebook groups. The audience is international and cater to collectors all over the world. From my non-empirical observation, the interest in collecting seems to be quite strong. 1:18 Scale manufacturers are coming out with new issues, and the collectors are rewarding their production efforts with sales.

I think the diminishing participation in this site gives a false impression of what is happening with the hobby. While the hobby has undoubtedly transitioned from a brick and mortar distribution point to online purchasing, it obviously has changed. We've also seen several manufacturer closings, as well. Fortunately, several companies have survived. They've adjusted to the new online purchase reality and changed their production and distribution methodology accordingly. However, in my opinion, because the hobby has experienced an adjustment, that doesn't mean the hobby is dying. Keeping it honest, what is dying is user participation in this site.

Again, being brutally frank, the site design is way past old. It was designed in the '90s and at that time, cutting edge. However, the proprietary website design has stagnated and never changed. In technological terms, it's antiquated, unwieldy, and the user interface is a PITA to navigate. It's like driving a Model T car. It will run, can be driven, and get you from point A to point B. However, compared to modern cars, it's just old and does nothing as well as a modern vehicle! Technology gets old, very fast. Look at your 1990's cellphone and compare it to your current smartphone. The differences are lightyears apart.

The Zone needs an infusion of younger collectors to replace the older ones that are dying off. I'm guessing that any new, younger participants that come to visit, accustomed to far more user-friendly social media interfaces, see how ancient is the format, and they just move on.

My overarching point is due to the inside-the-site observation of the diminishing participation in this site gives a false impression that it's indicative of the hobby. In my opinion, and based on the international interest I see on Facebook, the hobby isn't dying. It's in transition to the new paradigm utilizing more modern social media.

Years ago, with the closing of many diecast manufacturers, I suggested to the brain trusts of The Zone (most are no longer with us or have moved on) that having multiple forums catering to specific scales no longer made sense. It seemed to me that with the reduced participation activity, it made more sense to consolidate all of the forums into one group. The cross-pollination would stimulate more conversation and introduce different scales to the "scale-centric" collector. Obviously, that suggestion never materialized.

If I were asked today, I would suggest that The Zone transition to a Facebook group. And yes, I know some don't want to "Facebook," but at least it would have access to a much larger audience, and participation would likely see growth instead of the steady decline it sees now as the members die off.

BTW, due to the antiquated design of this website, this post will be buried and few will see it. Every new post added to this Forum will move it further down the page. Unless I repost it, no one will see it and proves my point about The Zone. That single element kills conversations as unlike modern social media, new content doesn't move the thread to the top of the page. Nope, here it remains buried and ultimately moved off the page for no one to see. This very old, antiquated format doesn't foster conversation. It kills it.

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