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Posted By: Josh Shy
Posted On: Sunday December 1, 2019 at 11:43 AM
I apologize for the temper tantrum, I am not
going to talk about my frustration but gentleman I believe all we are is how we treat each other and civility has left our society. A few pix. The stand for the Shadow was routed out around where the wheels fit the base to give it the illusion of setting lower. The rear wing struts did not fit the holes, seems paint may have been the problem, width and depth, now you can actually pick the model up, thanks again Rand for the advise.

Think this is the best single car case I have done yet. I could not find a good American Motors emblem so I made my own and made it part of the case.

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Message thread:

I apologize for the temper tantrum, I am not by Josh Shy #29386
That Javelin is awesome ! And I sure hope it wasn't what I said in my previous post by Steve Jakubczak #29386.1
No sir it was not. (EOM) by Josh Shy #29386.1.1
WHEW!! .. THAT Black Jackie Oliver car = Drop Dead Gorgeous * * * XCLNT Detail * * * I like it !!! (EOM) by Dennis Mong #29386.2
On that Javelin (which is gorgeous), why is "AMX" on the grill? (EOM) by Richard Sufficool #29386.3
Starting in '71, the AMX was a trim level offered on the Javelin. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #29386.3.1Moderator
Thank you. sir. (EOM) by Richard Sufficool #29386.3.1.1
Hope they build the Donohue street version (pics) by Rusty Hurley #29386.3.1.2Zone Diplomat
Wish they’d build the street ‘68. (EOM) by Paul Rouffa #29386.
both cars look great! by Frank Lemire #29386.4
Your good either way! (EOM) by Josh Shy #29386.4.1
2 great additions, Josh...that Shadow looks great. by Gavin D'Souza #29386.5
Two must haves for me, still thinking about the by Josh Shy #29386.5.1
yeah, for sure....that's why I've been very slow to pull the trigger lately. (EOM) by Gavin D'Souza #29386.5.1.1
Beautiful pics, Josh! The Javelin’s awesome! (EOM) by Dan Muldowney #29386.6

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