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Posted By: Josh Shy
Posted On: Monday December 2, 2019 at 8:21 PM
It is actually a very nice model as you can see
from the pictures. For todays way over inflated market it is also a decent price, it's just models it compares to in the recent past were $100 less. On my Shadow, the rear wing was very unstable, but I could not get the wing struts in the proper holes so I let them set loose in the air intake ducts on the engine cover. It was difficult to pick up the model without fear of the wing falling off. The tabs on the wing struts seemed too long and I could not get them to go into the holes made for them. Not sure if they were undersized to start or if paint filled the holes in a little. By drilling the holes out with a little thumb drill and making them deeper the arms are tight and pulls the rear wing up to it's proper place and now holds the wing securely in place even when handling it. I don't think you should have to modify an expensive model. The Javelin is a work of art, but for $60 less GMP would have had opening parts too. Replicarz is kinda hit and miss, if the Scarab had a hinged hood I would have one by now, but I am looking for a deal before I will buy one ( I don't like models that have parts that fall off when you pick them up). I was really looking forward to the Cheetah models but it seems more like an over priced Techno model and I m disappointed, it would make a great $100 model. I am happy with the Indy car line so far and the Turbine car was again a work of art. I may be to discriminating but I have been spoiled, I admit that. This is just my thoughts on the subject and may be completely off base, you decide.

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