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Posted By: Richard Sufficool
Posted On: Tuesday December 3, 2019 at 11:08 AM
Porsche 917/30KL [PIC]
Josh's pics made me go take another look at Exoto's model with rolling chassis. It's a phenomnal piece of craftsmanship.

 photo 1-91730KL049_zps4f91ac0e.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL056_zpsd6f10689.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL046_zpsafbe0a6e.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL029_zpsf4ca27df.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL041_zps831e2c26.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL045_zps79b88c3a.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL059_zpsbca31016.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL007_zps36876343.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL011_zpsdba9fe22.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL057_zps5a717135.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL003_zps4cb54af0.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL012_zps54b9fea4.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL017_zps307ef4ee.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL016_zpsc8f096e0.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL020_zpsa5bca498.jpg

 photo 1-91730KL021_zps649141c9.jpg

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Message thread:

Porsche 917/30KL [PIC] by Richard Sufficool #29391
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