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Posted By: Frank Lemire
Posted On: Friday February 14, 2020 at 10:45 AM
I'm lucky............
I've got a room where I can display my collection. It was actually one of the things we had on our list when we went looking for a smaller house. My wife insisted we had to have a space for my cars to be displayed.

I've always believed that there was little point in collecting cars if you didn't display them and now I'm going a step further in rotating some in and out of a location next to my desk. This not only gives me new things to look at but also encourages me to open up my cases and move things around.

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Message thread:

a new display idea by Frank Lemire #29557
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I'm lucky............ by Frank Lemire #29557.1.2
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Okay, I've got to get a Montreal... (EOM) by Rusty Hurley #29557.2Zone Diplomat
KK Scale, I think..... They have recently launched Montreal in Orange and Red color.. by Animesh Shrivastava #29557.2.1

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