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Posted By: Mike DeTorrice
Posted On: Wednesday October 14, 2020 at 7:16 PM
LOL, everyone likes a nice,warm bunny ! Steve, at the
risk of being briefly very long-winded (if that's possible), depending on the ideas and car that are the subject and the technique being used, I probably might initially take anywhere from 6 to perhaps 18 shots for a typical picture post. I usually use strobe/flashes either hand held or tripod mounted. Sometimes I will use either a diffuser for the main light or a "slave flash" for a second small strobe.

I use a DLSR, either a Pentax K-30 or a Pentax *ist-DS and I usually image the car on a small "studio" set up using the camera on a tripod, although most backgrounds used are generally images taken previously in the "real world". Very occasionally, the background may be digitally created in a computer landscape generator like "Bryce 3D", "Vue" or DAZ 3D". These backgrounds may be placed behind the car by using various methods such as :

(1) Digitally in photo-shop, (or for me, usually an old version Paint Shop Pro 7.04)

(2) Rear projection by LCD screen or (a few times) by 35mm transparency/Mylar screen.

(3) Actual large print placed behind car.

(4) Taking the car outside. (very rarely used)

Methods 2 and 3 may tend to involve a split-exposure, in which a black velvet screen intially blocks off the background while the car is lit by flash or tungsten light.

Once I take the intial shots of a car on the "set", I generally take those images into the computer for cropping, exposure tweaks and for any backgrounds or special FX. It could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours over a few days to finish an image.

I usually use very small apertures (f40) to get a deep field of view. When needed, I sometimes take 4 or 5 images of a car in a row, each image being focused slightly further back on the car. These are then put together in one shot by "Combine ZP" a focus-stacking computer program that allows for huge depth of field to give a realistic feel to a close up model car image.

I am getting lazier as I get older, so just single quick snaps and a bit of basic tweaks and crops and the posting of older pictures I have taken over the years are becoming much more attractive and likely ways to get model car images !

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