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Posted By: Frank Lemire
Posted On: Friday October 16, 2020 at 3:15 PM
The challenge of adding a new car
The problem with displaying your collection is that it can lead to a lot of work - at least if you are someone like me who labels all of his cars and looks to put them on the shelves in chronological 'race order'

Adding the new Ferrari 250GT Drogo meant finding space for it in my Ferrari case.


ferrari case1_zpstddsnu7h

That was seemingly fairly easy because I had one custom ‘fantasy’ car on the shelves – my 64 GTO spyder that I could just move to another case


The problem was that the ‘spyder’ was at the end of the line of 1964 race cars and the Drogo raced fairly early in 1963. That meant moving some cars and labels. That entailed shuffling two rows except while doing that I realized that I had a number of other cars that were out of order!

In the end I had to shuffle four rows and a total of 24 labels to get things where they needed to be


So we are all set – until the next purchase


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