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Posted By: Richard Sufficool
Posted On: Monday December 14, 2009 at 12:43 AM
Sun Star's VW Kombi Woodstock Van
In 1969 Bob Grimm owned a 1963 Volkswagen utility van known as the Kombi (from the German "Kombination"). This was the stripped down version of the Microbus that could either haul goods or people as the passenger seats were removable. Grimm used the Kombi to haul his band "Light" to various gigs around the Maryland area. In 1968, Grimm commissioned Dr Bob Hieronimus to paint his Kombi in the psychedelic 60s style as an art car.
Dr Bob (PhD) is a painter, muralist and student of the arcane and an expert in symbology. His interests run from religion, folklore, astrology, mysticism, secret organizations, Atlantis, Mu, UFOs.... just the kind of neat stuff that made him the darling of the pop culture icons of the time like Hendrix, Joplin and the Doors. His art went beyond the Flower Power motifs of that age. He used a complex weave of symbolic colors, mystical symbols, hieroglyphics and passages of religious texts from sources as diverse and arcane as Zoroastrian, Hindu, Buddhist, Hebrew, Kabbalist...... well, you get the idea here. All of this was woven together to illuminate the path to Cosmic Consciousness.
Far out, man!
The "Light" Kombi made its historic voyage up to Woodstock and Grimm & Co managed to talk their way onto the grounds where they managed a terrific spot 'stage right' on a little hill near the public toilets. During the "Three Days of Understanding" the van offered shelter from the rain and the mud for the band, passersby and certain rock dignitaries. There's an AP photograph of the "Light Van" that immortalized it and forever tied it to the event. As a sidenote, the band broke up soon after and Bob Grimm went on to inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Four Seasons. Dr Bob bailed out on his trip to Woodstock when word came that it was turning into a disaster area and still has the unused ticket.
Sun Star has decided to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock by replicating this iconic Woodstock bus in 1/12 scale and the result is quite a kick not just for Generation Woodstock. It has reduced the "art car" to a fabulous art model. The eye-popping graphics are sure to mesmerize and entertain. There a whole booklet that comes with the model that allows you decipher, decode and, properly illuminated by lava lamp, may just offer the key to cosmic consciousness. The model itself is such an amazing piece of engineering. Operating features abound. There is an operating manual that comes with this piece that you guys out there will have suppress your normal testosterone linked urges and actually read it prior to removing this weighty but delicate model from its clamshell packaging. Virtually every working feature you can imagine has been designed in and even at 1/12 scale, you hands are similar to King Kong's and have the same potential of destructive power. The hinges, latches, suspension and other working mechanism are virtually perfectly scaled and tolerances are tight.
Sun Star has given you the content, fit and finish of an high end diecast at a midrange pricepoint. The bang for the buck is stratospheric. It comes with some nice display accessories like the band's instruments and sound system. A jack and "T" lug wrench are also included to display the model with a wheel off. The hub caps are magnetically retained, but if you're going to varoom this monster, they need to be tacked with sticky putty. The suspension is as lifelike as you could imaging being perfectly balanced to the weight of the model. Pick up the model and the wheels camber in just like it would on the real vehicle. There are so many little things to delight and amaze and ultimately develop a real appreciation for just how well thought out and attentive to detail this model really is.
It's a 5 star piece in my book.

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