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Forum 43

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For topics relating to automotive collectibles, especially 1:43
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The Plymouth Pronto? Another big "if" in the last years of Plymouth. (pic) by David Holcombe #27168
Maisto made a version in 1/24 (Pics) by Michael Majdalany #27168.1
Thanks, Michael. It looks good! (But too big for my space. :( by David Holcombe #27168.1.1
Dean P. please email modelcars43atgmail.com (EOM) by Shel Platt #27167
And here are some for Chevy lovers too. And these may not be by Don Anderson #27166
Here's the Rondine with original rear window. by Harvey Goranson #27166.1
Now this makes us ask which came first, the big window or the little by Don Anderson #27166.1.1
Oakland Models by John Dehanes by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27165
I have that dark blue one, warp and all. (EOM) by Jay Golan #27165.1
I have the 54 convertible in coral. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #27165.2
I have a number of CC cars. For the price they are really nice. My first was the 56 Pace Car (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #27165.3
56 Pace car? (EOM) by Bob Jackman #27165.3.1
Sorry Tom. I was thinking Ford not Desoto. I too have the Desoto. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #27165.3.1.1
I had the red convertible. I am probably late to the party but I remember buying it at a hobby store by Mark Millar #27165.4
Here's the '53 pace car by CC. by Harvey Goranson #27165.5
Here are some of the displays I made during this cold spell using by Don Anderson #27164
Very nice, Don! BTW, the March issue of "Hemmings Classic Car" magazine by Rick Thompson #27164.1
Good pictures!I read the article just today. Great! Of course, that's my favorite magazine anyhow. (EOM) by David Holcombe #27164.1.1
I thought it looked great with the removable hardtop and radiused wheel wells! (EOM) by Rick Thompson #27164.1.1.1
WOW Very nice. (EOM) by Shel Platt #27164.2
A very neat group of concepts. by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27164.3
Have this display on my to do list. Was thinking about the material needed just yesterday (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #27164.4
Glad you finally found the Wildcat Don. Any luck on the Futura? by Harvey Goranson #27164.5
As a matter of fact one arrived here not long ago. Now maybe I'll sell my by Don Anderson #27164.5.1
1990 Cougar 1962 Ford Falcon 1963 Rambler by Jay Golan #27163
Did you buy these on ebay? If so, from which country did they ship? Thanks. (EOM) by David Crowe #27163.1
These are announced new releases. by Jay Golan #27163.1.1
Some interesing cars on the website for these but by John Quilter #27163.2
You never know what you might find on a cruise ship (pics). by Harvey Goranson #27162
Pics: Harvey, here some more art on HAL's MS Rotterdan V by Jacques Roest #27162.1
Just last night I returned from two weeks aboard Holland American's oldest ship, the VEENDAM. (pic) by David Holcombe #27162.2
Was that pic of the ship taken in St Maarten? (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #27162.2.1
David, You are right MS Veendam is 0ne year older.. And maybe the smallest in the fleet (EOM) by Jacques Roest #27162.2.2
We crossed paths with one or two other HAL ships, don't remember the Veendam. by Harvey Goranson #27162.2.3
I don't think so. We had a fine time, good food, lots of fun. by David Holcombe #27162.2.3.1
PICS - favorite Brooklin Cadillacs by Russ Rader #27161
Good to hear from you, Russ. I'm going to get the Pick Collection '57 Chevy Convertible by John Kuvakas #27161.1Zone Diplomat
Both of those are exceptional models and favorites of mine as well. Up next, by John Merritt #27161.2
I have a couple on my list. I'm looking for the 1942 Olds B44 station wagon by Michel Lemieux #27161.2.1
My favorite Tucker movie collectible by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27160
I would bet that very few of these have survived over the years! by Ken Smith #27160.1
Great Tucker item, Ray! by David Crowe #27160.2
How cool is that! We've had a treasure trove of Tucker info and memorabilia. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27160.3Zone Diplomat
Speaking of Tucker memorabilia by John Quilter #27160.3.1
Great piece! I remember that cut-out at the local Blockbuster back then. (EOM) by Curtis Parisi #27160.4
Can't top Curtis or Ray by any means. But I related to a co-worker.... by Harvey Goranson #27160.5
Citroen for years had three headlights per side and the center one turned with the steering wheel. by Bob Jackman #27160.5.1
And Mazda offers "adaptive headlights" on its upscale trim levels by Rick Thompson #27160.5.1.1
Our VW Sportwagen has something similar. You're right, it's amazingly effective. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27160. Diplomat
Maybe you can help me identify this wood base (PIC). by Gianluigi Cappi #27160.6
Correction by mick MacCorquodale #27159
Auctions ? by mick MacCorquodale #27158
It's a peculiarity of the system, Mick. by John Kuvakas #27158.1Zone Diplomat
Thank you by mick MacCorquodale #27158.1.1
The seller sets the instant win price. The system defaults to the minimum bid listing. by John Kuvakas #27158.1.1.1Zone Diplomat
Here's what the FAQ page for the auctions tells us by John Kuvakas #27158. Diplomat
Any update on Greg Gunn's '56 Dodge station wagon project? (EOM) by John Quilter #27157
PIC 1974 Buick Century color Nutmeg Poly. by Sergio Goldvarg #27156
I remember a name like Canyon in that year for Buick. We sold many with that color by Don Anderson #27156.1
Ha-ha. I remember these sold like hotcakes. My father-in-law had a cream 2 door. Loved the by Randall Olson #27156.1.1
Pics: With all the attention to Tuckers lately I finally ordered a Waltz Blue one. by Curtis Parisi #27155
What a great story and photos! (EOM) by Ed Glorius #27155.1
Great post Curtis! I just ordered the black one to complete my BRK 222 set. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #27155.2
There are stars among us! What a great story, Curtis! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27155.3Zone Diplomat
Tucker movie pics by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27155.3.1
Wow, A star among us. Thanks for sharing this with us Curtis. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #27155.4
That was a great experience Curtis. And Mrs Tucker preferred the by Don Anderson #27155.5
Fascinating pictures and backstory ! (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #27155.6
Interesting story Curtis - Thanks for sharing. (EOM) by Ken Smith #27155.6.1
I love the history and the movie ! Thanks so much for sharing with us. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #27155.6.1.1
Best story and history lesson ever posted on forum 43. by Shel Platt #27155.7
Awesome! Did they let you keep the suits and hat? (EOM) by Randall Olson #27155.8
No, I didn't get to keep the suit and hat. I did make off with the Illinois license plate that by Curtis Parisi #27155.8.1
Pics: Curtis, what an incredible post! Wonderful story as well. by David Knight #27155.9
Here y'ar, matey! by John Kuvakas #27155.9.1Zone Diplomat
Thanks, John! (EOM) by David Knight #27155.9.1.1
Pic: Curtis, you certainly were a dapper dude in those pictures. by David Knight #27155.10
Thank you all for all the positive comments! (EOM) by Curtis Parisi #27155.11
I wanted to pass on that I received a package from Sergio yesterday. In it by Mark Millar #27154
Mark, I concur. I received several beautiful Goldvarg Collection models recently. All superb. (EOM) by Randall Olson #27154.1
+1 Extremely satisfied with all Goldvargs purchased. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #27154.1.1
1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham by Kess (Pics) by Jani Bodmann #27153
To me looks very nice by Keko Romero #27153.1
Jani, excellent close ups of this nicely done model. They greatly assist decision making. (EOM) by Randall Olson #27153.2
Well FINALLY we have the Kess Brougham. Here's hoping the blue by Don Anderson #27153.3
Well, I will pass on this one. Correct the grille and a few other... by Lloyd Mecca #27153.3.1
This looks very nice to me! I am waiting for their 1960 DeSoto too. (EOM) by Barry Levittan #27153.4
Tucker '48 at the AACA Museum by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27152
Incredible pictures, Raymond. It’s a beautiful display there in Hershey. by David Knight #27152.1
Thanks for sharing your experience Ray. I really love seeing by Bob Jackman #27152.2
Ray, Al, John, and David. Thanks for sharing your stories, pix/vids of this exceptional automobile. by Randall Olson #27152.4
My only memory is from a full-page ad in the Omaha newspaper. by Richard Nosker #27152.5
Tucker memories by Al Stack #27151
Thanks for that nice story, Al (EOM) by Jacques Roest #27151.1
David Cammack and Tucker by John Kuvakas #27151.2Zone Diplomat
Pics: Thanks for posting this video, John. Back about 1987 two of my sons and I by David Knight #27151.2.1
great video, thanks John (EOM) by Geoff Jowett #27151.2.2
is this Chicago, 1948? -pic by Karl Schnelle #27151.3
Note to Karl Schnelle by Fred Lewis #27151.3.1
Fascinating story, Al. You saw those Tuckers at a crucial moment. by David Knight #27151.4
Mr Kuvakas......... First coat of white went on the displays today (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #27150
Superb! Thanks, Tom. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27150.1Zone Diplomat
That sounds great! Can't wai to see them loaded up! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #27150.1.1
Made 3 of those 3 tier displays and have some material left over so I'm by Tom Ciryak #27150.1.1.1
Pics: But. Wait, there’s more! A Black Tucker in a previous casting by John Roberts by David Knight #27149
I think I like JR's version the best (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #27149.1
Do you want to see another black Tucker? (PIC) by Gianluigi Cappi #27149.2
That looks great. I love the sparkle look it has. (EOM) by John Merritt #27149.2.1
Thank you John, It was in bad shape when I got it. by Gianluigi Cappi #27149.2.1.1
PICS - Crown Imperial Limousine C70 1956 by GLM by Keko Romero #27148
That's a beauty. It's on my want list-still looking. (EOM) by John Merritt #27148.1
Keko, three Imperial for now in your collection... (EOM) by renato camesasca #27148.2
I also have the 71 Imperial LeBaron by Neo... by Keko Romero #27148.2.1
Love the Mopars! I have an entire shelf devoted to 1/43 Imperials (PIC) by Barry Levittan #27148.3
Fantastic Barry!!! by Keko Romero #27148.3.1
I love the Imperials. Which colors do you plan to get for the '60s? My GLM is Dusk Mauve. (EOM) by Barry Levittan #27148.3.1.1
I like that colour for the GLM, and black for the Kess (EOM) by Keko Romero #27148.
Barry, I'm surprised you don't have the MOC 55 which was by Bob Jackman #27148.3.2
My 1/43 Imperial shelf is full and I have a '55 - White/Gold in 1/18. by Barry Levittan #27148.3.2.1
That is one gorgeous model. by Jani Bodmann #27148.4
Very nice acquisition (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #27148.5
PICs - From My Collection - Dodge by John Merritt #27147
Great period color combos. (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #27147.1
Excellent photos of a great pair of models of that era! (EOM) by Ted Weller #27147.2
Oakland Models by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27146
to answer Randall below also, Ithat is my username on hobbyDB! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #27146.1
Thanks, Karl. (EOM) by Randall Olson #27146.1.1
Can't wait to see your photos, Raymond! They are very rare.... (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #27146.2
Pic some improvements on Brooklin Ford wagon by renato camesasca #27145
(Pics) Well done, Renato! I once did similar with BRK's Anniversary wagon... by Ralf Buyer #27145.1
Yes Ralph, panels are from wood that are used for built ship or sailboats.. (EOM) by renato camesasca #27145.1.1
Very nice. Great color. (EOM) by John Merritt #27145.2
PICs - From My Collection - '34 LaSalle 2 by John Merritt #27144
Great pictures of some great models. Who makes the bus? (EOM) by Bob Jackman #27144.1
IXO/Hachette, it is a 1947 GMC PD371 (EOM) by John Merritt #27144.1.1
Thanks John. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #27144.1.1.1
Very cool by Ted Weller #27144.2
PICs - From My Collection - '34 LaSalle 1 by John Merritt #27143
Very cool! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #27143.1
1970 Ford Bronco (Best of Show) small diorama PIC by Ted Weller #27142
Hi Ted, Very nice model thanks for posting. (EOM) by Shel Platt #27142.1
Great trees! Very nice setting for an ol' Bronco! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #27142.2
The setting looks great. I like the model too, excellent 1st Generation Bronco. (EOM) by John Merritt #27142.3
Greetings, Ted! Great pics! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27142.4Zone Diplomat
Dirty for those Thirties Cars? by Randall Olson #27141
Very possible the members have these models or considering money spent at Christmas time has by Tom Ciryak #27141.1
Black Friday sales saw discounts of 30%--$50% on '30s Buicks from Brooklin & retailers. Why buy used by Frank Racibozynski #27141.2
Thanks, Fellas. Sure have been some good deals on these models. (EOM) by Randall Olson #27141.2.1
PICS - 1930 Rolls Royce Phantom II 'Shooting Brake' #67XJ by Matrix by Keko Romero #27140
Beautiful model. Thanks for posting Keko. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #27140.1
I wonder are they from the same master/mold? (EOM) by Jacques Roest #27140.2
Too many differences; the A pillar, length of hood, c pillar etc. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27140.2.1Zone Diplomat
I don't believe it... by Keko Romero #27140.2.2
Very sharp. (EOM) by John Merritt #27140.3
Hello Keko. Could you please email me at gianluigicappi@gmail.com? (EOM) by Gianluigi Cappi #27140.4
Mail sent (EOM) by Keko Romero #27140.4.1
I have this one too. My only complaint is that... by Harvey Goranson #27140.5
Has the way Paypal operates with payments for models sent to the US changed? by Mike Coupe #27139
Just purchased a model from the UK...none of that on my payment screen. (EOM) by Lloyd Mecca #27139.1
+ 1 (EOM) by Shel Platt #27139.1.1
Purchasing from the UK in the USA by John Quilter #27139.1.2
I have noticed that Amazon and others now add state sales tax (our VAT), but it is... by Karl Schnelle #27139.2
Also with Amazon now in a number of states they have to charge taxes for customers in that state by Tom Ciryak #27139.2.1
Is that how that works? (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27139.2.1.1Zone Diplomat
It started for me a number of years ago when I ordered from Rockler. Once they opened a store by Tom Ciryak #27139.
Amazon and eBay are now collecting sales tax by John Kuliak #27139.2.1.2
Indiana does the same thing; state laws apply so IN started this last year... (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #27139.
Mike - Please email me at by Ken Smith #27139.3
Ebay tax info...From eBay... by Lloyd Mecca #27139.4
Pics: Here is my complete set of Brooklin’s current series Tuckers. by David Knight #27137
But...there are only eight. Weren't there fifty? ;) (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27137.1Zone Diplomat
Tucker built 51 cars, 47 still exist. by David Knight #27137.1.1
LOL, John ! (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #27137.1.2
David, I wanted to refresh my memory so I went to "Collectible Automobile's" by Rick Thompson #27137.2
Great stuff, Rick. Thanks. by John Kuvakas #27137.2.1Zone Diplomat
Rick just received an award for best write. by Shel Platt #27137.2.2
Thanks, Shel! I'm honored. Actually, I live for this stuff. As an American History by Rick Thompson #27137.2.2.1
You knew Leon Mandel! Amazing! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27137. Diplomat
Yep! He and his family lived in Reno and so did I, before and after by Rick Thompson #27137.
I have lunch monthly with William Jeanes also a former by Bob Jackman #27137.
Another one of the good ones! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27137. Diplomat
Agreed! Mandel, Yates, Jeanes, Weith, Jean Shepherd, Dick Smothers... by Rick Thompson #27137.
It was always refreshing to read Smothers articles. He was a true car guy. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27137. Diplomat
I really like David E Davis as well (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27137. Diplomat
Seconded Shel. The amount of knowledge on this Forum never ceases to amaze me (EOM) by John Roberts #27137.2.2.2
Of yours, I like the bronze and Waltz Blue best, but the beige looks surprisingly good, too! (EOM) by Rick Thompson #27137.3
We have David to thank for the Waltz Blue. He campaigned successfully and tirelessly for it. by John Kuvakas #27137.3.1Zone Diplomat
Hear, hear! Nice work, David! (EOM) by Rick Thompson #27137.3.1.1
Leon was one of the greats. What a privilege and honor you had! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27137. Diplomat
A wonderful set of Tucker models. I need to bring mine together. (EOM) by John Merritt #27137.4
For you '50s car fans, how many do we have in 1/43? -link by Karl Schnelle #27136
Fine overview of those Fifties advancements. I think nearly all are available in by Mike DeTorrice #27136.1
I don't think anyone has done the 54 Ford. by Joe Libricz #27136.1.1
Joe, right. Durham also made some wagons at the end of their run. Oakland Models by Randall Olson #27136.1.1.1
Oakland Models by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27136.
Ray, is that the DeHanes who also made some 1:55 scale tractor trailers? (EOM) by Randall Olson #27136.
John Dehanes trucks for Randy Olson info. by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27136.
Thanks, Ray. Hats off to the man for originating these fine models (EOM) by Randall Olson #27136.
Fred Lewis made a one-off Skyliner based on the Durham... by Karl Schnelle #27136.1.1.2
Nice, Karl. Fred does some impressive work. Who's Stroget? (EOM) by Randall Olson #27136.
Me - my username! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #27136.
1954 Fords by Fred Lewis #27136.
"Pictures don't lie" by John Kuvakas #27135Zone Diplomat
John, that picture of an actual Tucker on a flatbed is taken from a video that showed distortion. by David Knight #27135.1
I understand, David. I just thought it was a nice example of how a lens can distort an image. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27135.1.1Zone Diplomat
What ? You ...you... you're joking ! Right, John ? Yet, by Mike DeTorrice #27135.1.1.1
Large 43rd scale photos by John Quilter #27135.2
John...... What was the point of the imagine video other than it's a classic song? (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #27135.3
The primary point was to showcase the technology used to create it. by John Kuvakas #27135.3.1Zone Diplomat
That song always makes me sad.... by Randall Olson #27135.3.1.1
Interesting, Randall. I think you make an apt comparison here. by John Kuvakas #27135. Diplomat
Nor people (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #27135.3.1.2
Ha! Right! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27135. Diplomat
Pics: Brooklin’s Black Tucker, long awaited, arrived today. by David Knight #27134
I like it best with the black wall tires. Nice Tucker model! (EOM) by Lou Petrucci #27134.1
+1! (EOM) by Curtis Parisi #27134.1.1
+2 (EOM) by Jack Dodds #27134.1.1.1
That's a beautiful replica model..thanks for your pics !! (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #27134.
Now that looks good with the black walls. I may need to switch mine. (EOM) by John Merritt #27134.2
Black walls make it look like an old mans car....LOL (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #27134.3
Matrix News by John Kuvakas #27133Zone Diplomat
PICS. A new Matrix appeared this morning by Mike Coupe #27132
Like the one Tippi Hedron drove in the film "The Birds". (EOM) by Brian Cox #27132.1
https://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_3988-Aston-Martin-DB2-4-LML-944-1954.html (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #27132.1.1
Very nice!! (EOM) by Jack Dodds #27132.2
Since concept cars are popular in our group, is anyone else hoping for a 1961 Ford Gyron? [link] by Mark Lampariello #27131
Count me in. (EOM) by John Kuliak #27131.1
Did the Gyron ever make it into a running car? Or cycle? (EOM) by Don Anderson #27131.2
Gyron Pic by John Kuvakas #27131.3Zone Diplomat
Very Jetsonesque. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #27131.3.1
+1 (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #27131.3.1.1
yes.......... (EOM) by Joop Gisbers #27131.4
I am a NO ... too uncar like. (EOM) by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27131.4.1
News from Autocult by John Kuvakas #27130Zone Diplomat
I'd love the AMX, but I can't afford it....does Legacy take EBT..LMAO (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #27130.1
Nice to see the Bianco S. I suggested them the Monarca. by Sergio Luis Santos #27130.2
Well the AMX3 is a nice edition and its great to see them doing U.S. by Don Anderson #27130.3
1968 Bullitt Mustang - Brooklin Deutschland Club model by Al Stack #27128
I don’t think there will be much of a market for the Brooklin version. by Lou Petrucci #27128.1
Gotta remember it's a Ford........actually just a little model of a Ford. by Don Anderson #27128.1.1
The Charger lost those caps...not the stang... (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #27128.1.1.1
You might want to watch the movie again...just sayin.. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #27128.
I'm back to apologize. To the Ford Mustang lovers because those by Don Anderson #27128.1.1.2
OK! We're getting there. The Charger in the movie was black. by John Kuvakas #27128. Diplomat
I checked my copy of "Car Life" from August, '69, which has a lengthy by Rick Thompson #27128.
I give them credit, particularly on the Charger. That manhandled that car around those streets. by John Kuvakas #27128. Diplomat
I have always thought that the Charger clipped that parked 66 Chevy at the by Jack Dodds #27128.
Bill Hickman also drove the big dark blue Pontiac in that awesome chase scene by Jack Dodds #27128.
Here it is by John Kuvakas #27128. Diplomat
John that was AWESOME!!! It brought back many memories. I was about 7 in 1973 by Phil Realmuto #27128.
The 7-Ups by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27128.
I'm going to watch it again. Thanks, Ray. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27128. Diplomat
Saw this movie at a drive-in (that's appropriate). Hickman's French Connection driving by Randall Olson #27128.
No Neo Pontiacs like these. Not even close. (EOM) by David Crowe #27128.
I guess if they had driven a station wagon. No Ventura or early 70s LeMans. Neo by Randall Olson #27128.
I see there's an Opel Kadett Caravan that gets hit twice by the dark blue Pontiac by Andrew Davies #27128.
One sold on Ebay recently. I don't recall the amount but it did quite well. by Jack Dodds #27128.2
It's one of the holy grails for Brooklin collectors. The last one I saw went for over $700 (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27128.2.1Zone Diplomat
Every one is slightly different... by John Roberts #27128.2.2
How many did they make, John? (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27128.2.2.1Zone Diplomat
Not to pre-empt JR, but Roger Mateo's "Special Brooklins" book by Rick Thompson #27128.
Pics: Gianluigi Cappi's Brooklin Collector's Guide says 250 and 10 with extra chrome by Jacques Roest #27128.
That's right! 250. (EOM) by John Roberts #27128.
That's a fairly large number. Yet, they very seldom show up for sale. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27128. Diplomat
Used to live in the town where the Charger/Mustang over the mountain by John Quilter #27128.3
USPS in the model car sales business by Al Stack #27127
These should be popular with S Gauge (American Flyer) model railroaders (EOM) by John Quilter #27127.1
Matrix News by John Kuvakas #27126Zone Diplomat
So basically a few repaints and no new models (EOM) by carl parrish #27126.1
The Black Bess Bugatti is quite new and on my list. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #27126.1.1
Very cool models ! That Model K Torpedo is very impressive. (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #27126.2
Brooklin recolours due in a few weeks.... by John Roberts #27125
Thanks for the update John. A friend owns an Armstrong Siddely by Bob Jackman #27125.1
Great news Bob! (EOM) by John Roberts #27125.1.1
Update on the Consul colour for those interested... by John Roberts #27125.2
The colour, I understand, is Edinburgh Green. by Mike Coupe #27125.2.1
Final decision will rest with the factory. (EOM) by John Roberts #27125.2.1.1
I now understand that the choice of colour is by Mike Coupe #27125.2.1.2
I hope it will be Canterbury Green by John Scrivens #27125.
PICs - From My Collection - '41 Cadillac by John Merritt #27124
Hi John, nice Caddy !. GLM is about to release their own versions very soon too. ( pics ) by Jean Philippe Sergent #27124.1
I am looking forward to it. (EOM) by John Merritt #27124.1.1
John, what brand is this inexpensive Cadillac? I like the background. Is the background by Jacques Roest #27124.2
It is from GFCC Toys, and yes, that is just passed my back yard. Nature almost too my back door. (EOM) by John Merritt #27124.2.1
Thanks John. That back yard is good for your pictures (EOM) by Jacques Roest #27124.2.1.1
2020 Nuremberg Toy Fair help? by Randy Rusk #27123
Hi Randy, the website www.auto-und-modell.de is always covering by Jean Philippe Sergent #27123.1
GIM is part of same group as Matrix so unlikely (EOM) by Marius Woolley #27123.1.1
I will be at the fair myself. by Albert Kopans #27123.2
I'll be happy to do that, Albert. by John Kuvakas #27123.2.1Zone Diplomat
Auto-und-Modell's tends to include more track subjects than the road subjects we favor, by Mark Lampariello #27123.2.1.1
I will do my best. (EOM) by Albert Kopans #27123.2.1.2
Thank you everyone! (EOM) by Randy Rusk #27123.3
Pics: 1957 Belairs by Jacques Roest #27122
And don't forget the Dinky Nomad in black with white top by John Quilter #27122.1
John, you are the conversion expert. I like the delivery van (EOM) by Jacques Roest #27122.1.1
Latest news from ESVAL 2020 by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27121
Thanks, Ray! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27121.1Zone Diplomat
Nice to have this early info; thanks! Time to save up! Lol. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #27121.2
Many great upcoming models here ! (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #27121.3
Gaylord? by Charles Pleier #27121.4
Pics: Brooklin 1957 Belair convertible by Jacques Roest #27120
I wish they would do it with the top up or at least give the option of top and boot cover in the box (EOM) by Curtis Parisi #27120.1
+1 (EOM) by renato camesasca #27120.1.1
+2 (EOM) by David Knight #27120.1.2
Jacques, do you happen to know what color it will be released in? by Alex Taylor #27120.2
Sorry, I do not know nothing about the release or colors. It seems that they are very busy to by Jacques Roest #27120.2.1
My experience tells me that Brooklin won't even know the colour until by Mike Coupe #27120.2.2
Pics : 1957 Bel Air Brooklin by Denis Auber #27120.3
I have this model! Can't remember exactly when I bought mine, by Alex Taylor #27120.3.1
Trunk looks too short or the boot is too big. (EOM) by Joe Libricz #27120.4
Does anyone know if Brooklin still plans on releasing the 1957 by Lou Petrucci #27119
I assume you are refering to a new version that I haven't heard of by Alex Taylor #27119.1
They had a convertible on the tables for the Pink Collection near the end of the year. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27119.2Zone Diplomat
Yes, it was featured on the weekly blog a few times last year. Pink version... by John Roberts #27119.3
John, will the regular one be made again like the one I have, by Alex Taylor #27119.3.1
It's due for a colour change at some stage this year. (EOM) by John Roberts #27119.3.1.1
Pics: My hope still is for the 4 door in another color. by David Knight #27119.
Last year posts on this forum said the 4 door htp colour would be Sierra gold by Ken Spear #27119.
We can hope! (EOM) by David Knight #27119.
The Brooklin 1946 Pontiac Sedan Coupe is hopefully due for this year... by John Roberts #27119.4
Pics: A bit more on LCD Range Rover Autobiography accuracy in 1:43 by David Knight #27118
Thoughts on limited edition by Randy Rusk #27117
That is probably why I like 1 of 1's ? (EOM) by Randy Bahler #27117.1
Good point, Randy. The LE term also has different connotations in other scales and materials used by John Kuvakas #27117.2Zone Diplomat
The Matrix' I have are 1of 408 and the GLMs are 1 of 299. by Mark Lampariello #27117.3
Limited Editions by Fitzgerald Ireland #27117.4
The Top Marques Bentleys that Max Kernick did were also LEs. But... by Harvey Goranson #27117.4.1
Remember Randy - that's 200 in that color. There are 270 in green. by Harvey Goranson #27117.5
PICS: New Ferrari addition. by Randy Bahler #27116
Those are good looking models! (EOM) by Lou Petrucci #27116.1
Randy - Beautiful pair of Ferraris - I just don't by Ken Smith #27116.2
Blue interior by John Kuliak #27116.2.1
A friend of mine who owns a 250 GTO and who has judged by Bob Jackman #27116.2.1.1
The blue was a corduroy material, and appeared on many of the late 1950s-early 1960s Ferrari racers by Harvey Goranson #27116.
Yesterday?? You are quite indeed a quick builder!! (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #27116.3
Ferrari Confession : I know this is wrong on many levels, but............ by Randy Bahler #27116.3.1
No! Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Lie down till the feeling passes. (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #27116.3.1.1
But you do not understand DOC I have been having these thoughts for months . (EOM) by Randy Bahler #27116.
I think you have a new strain of the flu and are delirious! LOL (EOM) by Curtis Parisi #27116.
Just for you, Randy - those with a weak heart, don't...*PIX* by David Palmeter #27116.3.1.2
PICS. SMTS Camaro update, by Randy Bahler #27115
Love it! (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #27115.1
Paint looks good, Randy. What do you use to spray it on? (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27115.2Zone Diplomat
For this car I used Testors Custom Lacquer System Paint. Body color..... by Randy Bahler #27115.2.1
Good color ! (EOM) by Ken Smith #27115.2.1.1
Thank You Ken. Maybe you all can help me. I painted the interior tub....... by Randy Bahler #27115.
I like orange to match the interior. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27115. Diplomat
Orange! (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #27115.
I vote Orange too!! (EOM) by Ken Smith #27115.
That is good enough for me. Orange it is. Thank You. (EOM) by Randy Bahler #27115.
Nice work Randy! I like that little stand you are using too (EOM) by John Roberts #27115.3
Thanks John, The model stand is from Tamyia. Very handy ! (EOM) by Randy Bahler #27115.3.1
Randy, You have mail. (EOM) by John Quilter #27115.4
'56 Mercury (Goldvarg) and '56 Lincoln (Neo) PICS by Ted Weller #27114
Nice. I have the Goldvarg Merc, it's gorgeous. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #27114.1
Very nice. Great photos. (EOM) by John Merritt #27114.2
Pics and models are fantastic by Keko Romero #27114.3
Thanks Keko, these two go together quite well! (EOM) by Ted Weller #27114.3.1
Homage to Renato... by Karl Schnelle #27113
I like this trend! Nicely done, Karl. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27113.1Zone Diplomat
+1 (EOM) by Skip Johnson #27113.1.1
Karl,I m very grateful to You for Your staging thinking in my diorama (EOM) by renato camesasca #27113.2
You're welcome! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #27113.2.1
PICS - Trident Venturer by Esval Models by Keko Romero #27112
Home run from Esval, IMO. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #27112.1
I'm a bit sketchy on the design but that is a magnificent model. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27112.2Zone Diplomat
Can't wait for Esval's upcoming Peerless model by John Kuliak #27112.3
And me too... by Keko Romero #27112.3.1
Love the garage and the model - really well done! (EOM) by Ted Weller #27112.4
Great pictures - could be the real car! (EOM) by Ken Smith #27112.4.1
It could definitely pass for a larger scale. (EOM) by Richard Sufficool #27112.4.1.1
1942-1948 Pontiac Streamliner fastback sedan coupe by Raymond Paszkiewicz #27111
I second that, Ray, on both counts. Fastbacks, coupes and sedans welcome here. (EOM) by Randall Olson #27111.1
Agreed Raymond. The GM fastbacks of the 1940s are highly by Ken Spear #27111.2
Ray, I second your comments and would definitely buy both examples shown. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #27111.2.1
+1 I would buy all 2dr. body styles offered of these Pontiacs. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #27111.2.1.1
Well said. I'd buy one in a NY minute, (EOM) by John Kuvakas #27111.3Zone Diplomat
I love the fastback too,hope from Broolin models or Goldvarg (EOM) by renato camesasca #27111.4
Ben Lampson, I just noticed your post from January 4 re: Neo 1960 Buick ambulance. (PICS) by Brian Laurance #27110
Update on the '46 Brooklin Pontiac by John Roberts #27109
Oh noooo.....what a disappointment; I was looking forward to another Pontiac! (EOM) by Jack Dodds #27109.1
Did this news come from the top? Can someone ask Nigel? (EOM) by BenD Lampson #27109.2
Can you email me please Ben? johnminx456@gmail.com (EOM) by John Roberts #27109.2.1
PICS. New Goldvargs have arrived and by Mike Coupe #27108
I'm very impressed with these and believe they will sell fast. It is by Don Anderson #27108.1
They are wonderful indeed. I have recently received the blue '61 Pontiac, the '62 Buick Special by Brian Laurance #27108.2
I wonder if a bit of blackwash would highlight the Catalina's famous 8-bolt wheels? (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #27108.3
Good eye, Mark. Just reviewed some photos of 1:1 models to see they used brushed finish by Randall Olson #27108.3.1

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