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Forum 43

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For topics relating to automotive collectibles, especially 1:43
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Today's concepts. by Albert Kopans #28606
Pics: 1960 Edsel Ranger Convertible - 1 of 76 built before Edsel ceased production by David Knight #28605
Good find! A little detailing might help, but that's your decision. Thanks for posting! (EOM) by David Holcombe #28605.1
The Conquest and the 1:1 look on, secure in their Buttercup yellowness. by Harvey Goranson #28605.2
Parts needed for Mikansue Jaguar XK 150 (pics) by David Holcombe #28604
With a different set of wheels you could make a racer... by Sergio Luis Santos #28604.1
Well this has reminded me I need to get one of Oxford's XK150s. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28604.2
And looking at ebay, Matchbox Dinky made a diecast XK150. by Harvey Goranson #28604.2.1
1948 Chevrolet Fleetline from Goldvarg by Randy Rusk #28603
Saw those and I like the surf woody. Sergio says that color may change since it's too close to ... by Harvey Goranson #28603.1
I like the surf version also. (EOM) by Brian Cox #28603.1.1
Lovely model. I understood the blue was going to be Lake Como blue, which is darker. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28603.2
I like Blue because I'm from Lago di Como, beautiful place North of Italy (EOM) by renato camesasca #28603.3
I love the surf colour on this gorgeous Wagon. by John Ellis #28603.4
Me too, John. Gorgeous models. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #28603.4.1
Dear Randy, Thanks so much for posting the pictures! by Sergio Goldvarg #28603.5
PICS NEO Jaguar S-Type 3.4 by Mike Coupe #28602
Looks like a good model of a special car. The S was, I think, the finest and final by David Holcombe #28602.1
Been driving one for 54 years and enjoyed it all by John Quilter #28602.1.1
Beautiful car John. I've always loved these sedans. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #28602.1.1.1
Mine is a gem in light blue/ red seats. The TV series was "Inspector Morse" (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #28602.1.2
The Jaguar on the Morse TV series was a 3.4 Mk11 rather than an S Type. by John Roberts #28602.1.3
I think Neo's first version was primrose yellow - wish I had bought that one. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28602.2
I have to get that model... I miss my MK 9 and ....(pic) by Raymond Paszkiewicz #28602.3
Mk IXs have been made by Oxford, Gems & Cobwebs/Milestone, and (I think) Neo. by Harvey Goranson #28602.3.1
That had to be tough getting rid of that beauty Ray. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #28602.3.2
I owned a '72 XKE. One of my happiest days was the day I go it. by John Kuvakas #28602.3.2.1
A friend of mine was selling an E-Type a couple years ago. by Harvey Goranson #28602.
harvey , your friend was right. A Jaguar of that time is like having a boat (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28602.
Some Mexican partworks items just received by John Quilter #28601
And further to the above post here is one more by John Quilter #28601.1
Are you going to customize any of them? by Jay Golan #28601.1.1
I've seen the list and some have been issued with excellent detail as Premium X models. by Harvey Goranson #28601.1.1.1
(PICS) basic '65 Ford F100 Flareside pickup (From a broken Goldvarg) by Clifford Read #28600
That is one FANTASTIC piece of workmanship! My big question is how did you get the by Curtis Parisi #28600.1
+1. That was my first question too. And any problems applying paint over the resin? (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28600.1.1
I've painted a lot of resin kits over the years by John Quilter #28600.1.1.1
Yes, resin can be tricky but I usually just use small (sharpened) screw drivers........... by Clifford Read #28600.1.2
+2 -- And getting all those badges removed must have been its own project ! (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #28600.1.3
We knew you are good. Had no idea you worked so quickly, too. Great looking truck. (EOM) by David Crowe #28600.2
Wow, What a great work. You are really a professional. by Jacques Roest #28600.3
Wow Clifford, that's just the way I would do it. If I were as good as you. by Don Anderson #28600.4
Clifford,where have You find the side Ford Sticker ? (EOM) by renato camesasca #28600.5
If you are talking about the 'Twin I-Beam' labels, I used a ........ by Clifford Read #28600.5.1
Clifford - do you know if alcohol will loosen long dried epoxy? by Harvey Goranson #28600.5.1.1
Harvey, my experience is that it will only work until the epoxy is fully cured.... by Clifford Read #28600.
Clifford,many thanx (EOM) by renato camesasca #28600.5.1.2
Clifford, another amazing job.... I don't know how you did it so... by Raymond Paszkiewicz #28600.6
I love these kind of projects, here's one of mine by John Quilter #28600.7
A lot of work and I'm sure it was enjoyable Clifford. However.... by Harvey Goranson #28600.8
Well done, Clifford. Your fine work is admirable. Thanks for posting. (EOM) by David Holcombe #28600.8.1
Clifford when you cut/removed the step side body from the donor truck by Tom Ciryak #28600.9
Excellent job. Very creative. (EOM) by Ken Spear #28600.9.1
No, I used a razor saw and then a grinding wheel to remove all the excess...... by Clifford Read #28600.9.2
When cutting resin, diecast, or white metal models I use by John Quilter #28600.9.3
Wow! So cool! by Randy Rusk #28600.10
Wow-wee-Wow! ANOTHER Cliff Home Run! (EOM) by Christopher Moroni #28600.11
Absolutely incredible workmanship! (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #28600.12
Cliff, spectacular is my word !!! (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28600.12.1
Dear Clifford Read, amazing job! As a coincidence, I am working in by Sergio Goldvarg #28600.13
Here's a tip Sergio. by Harvey Goranson #28600.13.1
PICS. Next new Brooklin will soon be with us. by Mike Coupe #28599
Thanks Mike. I am glad to see Brooklin do the first series. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #28599.1
+1. Like the green! (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28599.1.1
Yes I quite like the green too (EOM) by Mike Coupe #28599.1.1.1
Beautiful in green, many tnx Mike.. (EOM) by renato camesasca #28599.2
Looks good. Here is the earlier (later) version and its coupe form. (pic) by David Holcombe #28599.3
Porsche 911 Carrera, 1997, by Testors/Burago c. 2,000, and me (pics) by David Holcombe #28598
David you dtd it again i like it. (EOM) by Shel Platt #28598.1
Does anyone know of a two-door sedan version of a '58 Chevrolet in 1:43? by Harvey Goranson #28597
Also looking for the Neo '58 Impala convertible in all-white with red seats. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28597.1
And also looking for the early Conquest 1960 white Impala. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28597.1.1
Pix-Beware if You buy it in internet by renato camesasca #28596
PIC - New in my collection by Keko Romero #28595
Beauty and correct model Keko! (EOM) by renato camesasca #28595.1
Most impressive, and beautifully detailed. (EOM) by David Holcombe #28595.2
Anyone familiar with the Ebay The Global Shipping Program ? by Jay Golan #28594
I have been using the eBay Global Shipping Program by Ken Smith #28594.1
Ebay offer competitive pricing? Surely you jest! by David Crowe #28594.2
Generally, I will not buy an item if it is through the Global by Ken Spear #28594.3
I avoid shipping through the Global program at all times...... by Raymond Paszkiewicz #28594.4
I do not sell a lot but that is my opinion as well. by John Quilter #28594.4.1
At least here in Germany, GSP is the better option for purchases from the USA... by Ralf Buyer #28594.4.1.1
Invest in a postal scale John. Then use the USPS website to calculate a price. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28594.4.1.2
At least in the case of DHL, the price increase is justified by lower transport capacities to USA .. by Ralf Buyer #28594.5
How good is it? Greenlight's "Godfather" '55 Cadillac (pic) by David Holcombe #28593
Good (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28593.1
Wasn’t the one in “Driving Miss Daisy” also a’55? (EOM) by John Sharisky #28593.2
I checked and it seems John is right on the money! One of the most by David Holcombe #28593.2.1
If you look closely at the black Cadillac in “Driving Miss Daisy”, you’ll discover by David Knight #28593.2.2
Correct! I just re-watched the movie. (EOM) by John Sharisky #28593.2.2.1
It's excellent ! I have the standard blue non-movie version. (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #28593.3
Pic. Hello David, considering its price, it's very good. There are by Jean Philippe Sergent #28593.4
beware the 1:24 scale by Stanton Lyman #28593.5
pix - GLM Cadillac by renato camesasca #28592
Excellent. I have the white one coming. (EOM) by John Merritt #28592.1
And the 1958 Imperial limo by NEO by John Quilter #28592.2
Are the GLM and Neos the same? by Harvey Goranson #28592.2.1
Harvey, these Imperials were discussed in a post back in April 2017 by Graeme Ogg #28592.2.1.1
Thanks Graeme - I had a vague recollection but forgot the outcome. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28592.
Three "Classic" era 1:43rd that I've recently purchased...*6 PICS*... by John Sharisky #28591
Great models (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28591.1
Fine examples of the term "classic." I like these! (EOM) by David Holcombe #28591.2
They all look great. I have the Cord, and recently added the Auburn, but it needs some restoring.. (EOM) by John Merritt #28591.3
The first is a Matrix, what are the other two? by Harvey Goranson #28591.4
The Duesenberg is by Ilario (pardon the dust!) while the Auburn is by Minimarque 43. (EOM) by John Sharisky #28591.4.1
It is written above the pictures. Ilario and an older Minimarque (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28591.5
You are a brave man, John, to remove the Ilario off the base. Too many tiny chrome pieces. (EOM) by Albert Kopans #28591.6
I intend many models in an enclosed case. Keeping the bases would take too much space. (EOM) by John Sharisky #28591.6.1
A newer French museum piece, the Citroen DS 21 for DeGaulle (pics) by David Holcombe #28590
Pics : DS présidentielle by Denis Auber #28590.1
Many thanks, Denis. What a ride! (EOM) by David Holcombe #28590.1.1
Someone needs to clean the whitewalls on that car. (EOM) by David Crowe #28590.1.2
I have this model. It looks so cool and it was so inexpensive. (EOM) by Ed Glorius #28590.2
Real life Cugnot steam car. by Albert Kopans #28589
If you live in the US, a replica might be closer to see! -pic by Karl Schnelle #28589.1
Have there been more than one Cugnot steam tractor?. by Jacques Roest #28589.1.1
I found this: by David Holcombe #28589.1.1.1
More on the Enola Gay B29 atomic bomb drop by John Quilter #28588
Cool models ! The original B-29's used Wright by Mike DeTorrice #28588.1
This was on a Dinky Toys FB group. Couldn't resist copying here. by Harvey Goranson #28587
More Dinky Boxed! by Karl Schnelle #28587.1
Ha! (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28587.1.1
PICs - From My Collection - '54 Packard by John Merritt #28586
Interesting, John. I've never seen this one in red. Mine is dark blue. (EOM) by David Holcombe #28586.1
Very nice, John. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #28586.2
What an impressive model and car. After all, it's a Packard ! (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #28586.3
even if i don t understand everything , MIKE , you are selling dream by Michel Gouverneur #28585
Thank you, Michel ! Yeah, there's a bunch of "inside" connections and jokes ....as well as some by Mike DeTorrice #28585.1
(Pics) The Professor's Buick - Part 3 by Mike DeTorrice #28584
Rex Heflin's Sweatheart clubs you say? Sounds like a club I frequented by Bob Jackman #28584.1
LOL...did you get a free bath robe with your initials on it Hef...I mean Bob? (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28584.1.1
I once used to belong to a club filled with rabbits too; it was called 4-H. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28584.1.2
I would have been better off at the 4-H (EOM) by Bob Jackman #28584.1.2.1
Lol. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28584.
Love your pictures Mike! (EOM) by Galen Laird #28584.2
Great photos and posting Thanks. (EOM) by Shel Platt #28584.3
Nice post story with great photos. We all need a little more entertainment! (EOM) by Curtis Parisi #28584.4
Mike, I enjoyed all 3 parts of your story as well this time as when you posted them last. Thanks. (EOM) by John Merritt #28584.5
LOL, thanks all. (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #28584.6
Packed up most of my 1:43 Vettes awaiting for the Carney displays I ordered. Making room in the by Tom Ciryak #28583
These are the kind of problems a man should have! Have fun, Tom! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28583.1
We'll be looking forward to your pics. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28583.1.1
Perhaps a concept, but it's an interesting oldie: (pic) by David Holcombe #28582
Very kool. (EOM) by Shel Platt #28582.1
More concepts. by Albert Kopans #28581
I like your pictures of the Brumm Old Fire series. I've been tempted, but by David Holcombe #28581.1
Albert.... If you ever want to part with the El Camino, I sure would like to buy it (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #28581.2
Tom, I sent you an email. (EOM) by Albert Kopans #28581.2.1
I replied my friend (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #28581.2.1.1
Check your spam file (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #28581.
Shouldn't be hard to make from a RoadChamps Caprice taxi by John Quilter #28581.2.2
One more Brumm "concept" by Harvey Goranson #28581.3
I love those Old Fire also! -pic by Karl Schnelle #28581.3.1
For the computer savvy, "HELP!" by Richard Sufficool #28580
Try another browser application. (EOM) by Albert Kopans #28580.1
Yes. If that doesn't work, try a restart. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28580.1.1
Road Champs 1969 Mustang by Galen Laird #28579
Oldie but goodie i like it. (EOM) by Shel Platt #28579.1
I have that same yellow one. Not a bad effort for the 7 bucks or so I paid. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28579.2
Here we go again - 75 years ago today. by Harvey Goranson #28578
Some years back I got to hear a talk at the by Mike DeTorrice #28578.1
The Flying Boxcar -pic by Karl Schnelle #28578.2
I think I see a Cessna 172 in the last pic. Did my first solo flight in one of those. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28578.2.1
That B-29 is still an imposing sight ! (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #28578.2.2
A little earlier some mention was made about the Alfa Romeo BAT by Don Anderson #28577
Amazing that you saw all 3 in Oak Park! Alfa had 3 BATS... by Karl Schnelle #28577.1
I also saw them at the Frist. What an amazing show that was! (EOM) by Ed Glorius #28577.1.1
As Karl says, I have a few BATs, specifically the three AutoCults (pics). by Harvey Goranson #28577.1.2
1/43 - SMTS, Looksmart, Bizarre, Autocult... Did I miss one? pics by Karl Schnelle #28577.2
Neat story Karl - I kept missing out on the BATs until the Autocult ones ... by Chris Sweetman #28577.2.1
And Provence Moulage. (EOM) by Albert Kopans #28577.2.2
And Design Studio (Pic) by John Daniels #28577.2.2.1
I once had the built version of the Design Studio. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28577.
Design Studio SMTS BAT 5 and 7 -pic by Karl Schnelle #28577.
Design Studio Bat Model (Pic) by John Daniels #28577.
Thanks for the insider info! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28577.
Karl, what’s the story behind the Bizarre's red BAT 9? (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #28577.2.3
Red BAT - from what I have read, all three BATS ended up in the US because... by Karl Schnelle #28577.2.3.1
Hey let's get that spelling right Karl! :-) by Harvey Goranson #28577.
I do believe that Arnolt owned or rented that store. My memory isn't too clear by Don Anderson #28577.
I have a book on Bertone that has a picture of BAT 5 at the Turin show in 1953. by Harvey Goranson #28577.
Yes, Wacky Arnolt was at all 3 Turin Auto Shows and met Bertone. (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28577.
Oh no - Did I misspell Wakky? :-) (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28577.
Afraid so Carl. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28577.
Hey! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28577.
hee,hee! by Harvey Goranson #28577.
Brooklin question if some one knows... by John Merritt #28576
I think that the BRK 191 is Royal Maroon Poly and the interior is Dark Red by Michel Lemieux #28576.1
I think Michel is right..pics... by Ralf Buyer #28576.1.1
BML version is slightly darker. Rainbow Paints in Westbury supply Brooklin... by John Roberts #28576.1.1.1
Do I have it correct then John, that all the ones of the BRK series will be lighter? (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28576.
Thanks. I appreciate it. (EOM) by John Merritt #28576.1.1.2
Mercedes 170 V by "P" Models, being Peter Ottenheimer, Switzerland, & with my help (pics) by David Holcombe #28575
Well, I think you did the best you could and that's what counts. And thanks for sharing it with us. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28575.1
Dave, it takes a big pair of boots to share your tough builds with us. by Don Anderson #28575.2
Well Done by Marius Woolley #28575.3
David, here is a story of this particular kit. by Albert Kopans #28575.4
Thank you for making it available, Albert. I enjoy working with these kits, and by David Holcombe #28575.4.1
Here's another video unboxing by John Kuvakas #28574
Another great unboxing John and thanks for explaining what a fountain truck is! (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #28574.1
This is a great feature here having you present these models. Does any of this remind you by Steve Jakubczak #28574.1.1
Thanks. No, not much. There's no prressure to pay my bills from this effort ;o) (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28574.1.1.1
Yep, this is for fun now ! (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28574.
A fine presentation, John. And I like my Coke truck, too. (EOM) by David Holcombe #28574.2
Coca cola truck by Paul Patterson #28574.3
Very informative. Out of the ordinary model that you chose. Keep by Ken Spear #28574.3.1
+1. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #28574.3.2
+2 Great job on this John. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28574.3.3
Tasty, flavorful, and refreshing review, John. (EOM) by John Kuliak #28574.4
Ha! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28574.4.1
I’m already looking forward to next week’s video unboxing, John. by David Knight #28574.5
Thanks, David. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28574.5.1
Coke Truck by Alan Dinsmore #28574.6
John - in the video you say this is resin - is that correct? by Harvey Goranson #28574.7
The packaging doesn't say. But now that I think of it...I believe it is diecast. by John Kuvakas #28574.7.1
Was it worth the 18 month wait? I think so by carl parrish #28573
I sure hope Graeme grabbed the red one from eBay. by David Crowe #28573.1
Nope. by Graeme Ogg #28573.1.1
I'd love to get my hands on another green one...any idea how I might be able to do that? Thanks! (EOM) by Barry Levittan #28573.2
You and me both, Barry! by Graeme Ogg #28573.2.1
If you see anything please let me know and I will do the same for you! (EOM) by Barry Levittan #28573.2.1.1
I'll stick with a 2-door for now. by Harvey Goranson #28573.
And more concepts. by Albert Kopans #28572
Thanks great collection. I don't have any of these concept cars. I like the Biscayne and the Chrysle (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28572.1
Albert, those Avenue43 Chevy concept cars are class. I bought them ….. by Chris Sweetman #28572.2
I like these. But the only one in my shelves is the black Chrysler. Hmm........ (EOM) by David Holcombe #28572.4
All the color photos I see of the Chrysler show it in a greenish silver. by Harvey Goranson #28572.5
Ghia built three Falcons by John Kuliak #28572.5.1
(Pics) The Professor's Buick - part 2 by Mike DeTorrice #28571
Mike you have my attention. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #28571.1
Thanks Mike ! Just now read it... you had me glued on every word ! (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28571.1.1
And a huge laugh when I read a certain song connection ! (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28571.1.1.1
LOL ! (there's two lurking in the pictures) (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #28571.
PICs - From My Collection - Yellow Convertible 5 by John Merritt #28570
This is my fave of your bunch today! Agree about this color for converts. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28570.1
My favorite too and the yellow or Ivory are the colors that stands out the most by Michel Lemieux #28570.1.1
A long time favorite in my collection. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #28570.1.1.1
PICs - From My Collection - Yellow Convertible 4 by John Merritt #28569
I agree with your favorite color, John, and just admired mine. Good one! (EOM) by David Holcombe #28569.1
Hopefully they'll do this exact model in 1:24th scale! (EOM) by Phil Realmuto #28569.2
PICs - From My Collection - Yellow Convertible 3 by John Merritt #28568
Love that Edsel! (EOM) by David Knight #28568.1
Here's mine - with the 1:1. by Harvey Goranson #28568.1.1
PICs - From My Collection - Yellow Convertible 2 by John Merritt #28567
PICs - From My Collection - Yellow Convertible 1 by John Merritt #28566
Nice ! A wonderful Hudson convertible in a great color. (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #28566.1
Who needs AutoCult? The Bizarre 1956 Pontiac Club de Mer from 2014. by Harvey Goranson #28565
It's not the first time Autocult produces a model previously done by others. (EOM) by Albert Kopans #28565.1
I also am surprised that Autocult did this one. Unless maybe they know how by Don Anderson #28565.1.1
For example the Alfa BAT-series. But then I bought them and believe they were better than the others (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28565.1.2
I managed to get the BAT set too and they are brilliant. (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #28565.1.2.1
Interesting that the curved hindquarters and distinctive fin shape ended up on a '58 Cadillac! by Graeme Ogg #28565.2
But I know a stylist from that era. He said that Pontiac and Cadillac by Don Anderson #28565.2.1
And of course GM sometimes required styling ideas to be passed around by Graeme Ogg #28565.2.1.1
Just posted my French Dinky 1960 T-bird on a FB Dinky group, thought you guys might like it too. by Harvey Goranson #28564
Nice, French Dinkys always seemed to be just a bit more accurate by John Quilter #28564.1
Well, of course. They had the best special model maker!! (EOM) by Lloyd Mecca #28564.1.1
Probably there are not much left in the world in this condition (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28564.2
New from Autocult/Avenue 43 by John Kuvakas #28563
the Pontiac is for me, I already have the Club de Mer done by Bizarre. (EOM) by Joop Gisbers #28563.1
More concepts by Albert Kopans #28562
Wow Albert, the Bugatti has a striking resemblance to the BMW Nazca. Or vice versa. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28562.1
Always a SUCKER for the "3 box design" I love that Borgward Pollmann. (EOM) by Christopher Moroni #28562.2
(Pics) The Professor's Buick - Part 1 (re-run) by Mike DeTorrice #28561
love the pics and the car... (EOM) by Galen Laird #28561.1
And the story, Mike not only a faboulous photographer, but a story teller as well (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28561.2
Mike is creative in many ways. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #28561.2.1
You got me right from the beginning ! (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28561.2.1.1
Me too (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #28561.
Mike , is the red Buick enhanced with silver details ? (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28561.3
Jacques, I didn't detail that one at all. It's a regular White Box 1936 by Mike DeTorrice #28561.3.1
Pics: , Mike on my Altaya Buick from the same mould the ventilation between the fenders and the bod by Jacques Roest #28561.3.1.1
Newest releases from Autocult by Randy Rusk #28560
Nice ! That 1956 Pontiac Club de Mer is especially cool. (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #28560.1
Great news! Finally, the Club de Mer. The Farago looks like a Frua. That is good. by David Crowe #28560.2
"Finally the Club de Mer"? See post 28565 above. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28560.2.1
(PICS) A few years ago, TWH produced this Panama Canal steam shovel by Clifford Read #28559
Amazing well detailed and that in 1/48!!!! (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28559.1
Great pics and thanks for all the background. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28559.2
I love it! (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28559.3
Great things we learn on this forum. And for the financially inclined by John Quilter #28559.4
Thank you, Clifford, for both the model information and the historical by David Holcombe #28559.5
Panama Canal Steam Shovel by Alan Dinsmore #28559.6
I posted a few weeks ago about John White's condition. Just learned he has passed. by Harvey Goranson #28558
Sad news. He was one of the good guys. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28558.1
Sad to lose another craftsman (EOM) by Marius Woolley #28558.2
Sad news, I'm so sorry about that outcome. (EOM) by renato camesasca #28558.3
John was not only a talented craftsman; he was a real gentleman as well. (EOM) by David Larsen #28558.4
I only knew about him from the positive comments from others and by Jack Dodds #28558.5
Very sad to hear this news. John's work was outstanding... by John Roberts #28558.5.1
That's unfortunate and sad news. A real loss. (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #28558.6
John was a nice guy, a good friend, and he will be sorely missed by by Richard Paschall #28558.7
I've been looking at my group of John's models today, remembering by Rick Thompson #28558.8
Sad. A real gentleman and a skilled craftsman who made our hobby better. (EOM) by Randall Olson #28558.9
There needs to be some clarification here. by Joe Libricz #28558.10
Apologies. by Harvey Goranson #28558.10.1
No apologies necessary, Harvey. Thanks for trying your best to keep us updated. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28558.10.1.1
VID: Here's something I've been working on, "My Take." by John Kuvakas #28557
Excellent ! Very well done, John. (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #28557.1
I like it! Keep 'em coming, John. (EOM) by David Holcombe #28557.2
This is really well done John; I enjoyed it very much. Thank you! (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28557.3
Thanks for this professionel presentation (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28557.4
Excellent John. Thank-you very much. That really gives us the opportunity to look more closely at a by John Merritt #28557.5
Excellent review! very informative and great camera work! more please! (EOM) by BenD Lampson #28557.6
Really enjoyed your video John. Well Done. (EOM) by Ken Spear #28557.6.1
It could only be better by John Kuliak #28557.7
LOL! He's a homelss guy. I'm trying to help him out. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28557.7.1
At last I have an answer to a question that has plagued my mind for years. by Harvey Goranson #28557.8
And similarly by John Kuliak #28557.8.1
Just go to Wikipedia like I did. by Harvey Goranson #28557.8.1.1
Sounds like the supermodels by John Kuliak #28557.
Super job John. I look forward to the possibility of this becoming by Bob Jackman #28557.
Excellent! Really well done. Thank you John (EOM) by Ted Weller #28557.9
I see a new feature on Forum 43 each Friday: “My Take” by John Kuvakas. by David Knight #28557.10
Esval Humber by Paul Patterson #28557.11
Thanks, gents! I'll be doing more soon, just need to tweak things a bit to make them easier. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28557.12
Excellent! Very nice job. Thank you John! (EOM) by Skip Johnson #28557.13
Job well done John, I appreciate your talent and dedication to our hobby... (EOM) by Galen Laird #28557.14
that was terrific John well done sir! Looking forward to more! (EOM) by Geoff Jowett #28557.15
Thanks, John --more, please! (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #28557.16
Yes please, more. That was just awesome in my book. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28557.16.1
+ 1 (EOM) by Joe Malaney #28557.16.1.1
I like your review, John. How many people use John's method of pulling out the flaps? by Randall Olson #28557.17
Lol...I've opened the flaps like that for years now. Great that you noticed that. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28557.17.1
For me, a letter opener. Learned my lesson on the old Brooklin boxes. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28557.17.1.1
and even old Dinkys and Teknos! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28557.
Great job, John! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28557.18
Thanks for your kind words and encouragment gentlemen. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28557.18.1
PICS. Two more Lansdowne's in new colours. by Mike Coupe #28556
Mike, as far as Canada goes, British Columbia in particular, this car by Jack Dodds #28556.1
Never saw one in the US! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28556.1.1
For a short time in the early 1950s, Hillman Minxes were sold in the US -wiki (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28556.1.1.1
PICS. Three different Hillman Caifonians by Mike Coupe #28555
A great set - 2 different grills too! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28555.1
PICS. Brooklin's '57 Bel-Air Convertible has appeared and by Mike Coupe #28554
How long can it be before... by David Crowe #28554.1
I would agree with your assessment of the color Mike. The by Lou Petrucci #28554.2
Pix-Brooklin could to be do the Chevy Wagon too. It would be great. by renato camesasca #28554.3
Yet another stumbling block for De Soto lovers by Graeme Ogg #28553
Meanwhile today American Excellence shows a new arrival '69 Buick by Kess. (EOM) by Barry Levittan #28553.1
Same message I got from a different site. Has to do with google. (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #28553.2
Pics: Norev 2016 Ford Edge by David Knight #28552
Happy Birthday, David. Looks like a fine model. Congrats on hanging by David Holcombe #28552.1
Great red Norev - happy birthday! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28552.1.1
Start the day with a orange... 1914 Chevrolet by Ertl by Galen Laird #28551
Good one! This old ERTL Chevy has for a long time been a favorite. (pic) by David Holcombe #28551.1
75 years ago today. by Harvey Goranson #28550
That is ironic. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28550.1
Good post, Harvey. Thanks. (EOM) by David Holcombe #28550.2
Great post, thanks. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28550.3
++1 (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #28550.4
Best story and history lesson ever posted on forum 43. (EOM) by Shel Platt #28550.5
Incredible history lesson, Harvey. by David Knight #28550.6
Probably why Brumm included a serviceman, to depict the scale of the weapon. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28550.6.1
REAL DEAL (pic/link) by Frank Gioia #28550.7
Some more history and pictures. by Harvey Goranson #28550.8
American inventiveness created the A bomb. Now will American inventiveness by John Quilter #28550.9
We could always bomb the hell out of China... BUT then what would we do by Tom Ciryak #28550.9.1
G'dmorning Harvey. I'm a bit curious about K-25. I'm trying to judge how tall the building is. It by Steve Jakubczak #28550.9.1.1
The old gas cetrifuge machines were around 50 ft. tall, so an equivalent 4-5 stories sounds right. by Harvey Goranson #28550.
"the four-story K-25 gaseous diffusion plant was the world's largest building" -wiki by Karl Schnelle #28550.
Some concept cars from my archives by Albert Kopans #28549
Wow!! Those are just outstanding!! And they must have been $$$ too. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28549.1
A great collection, Albert. Let's see more! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28549.2
Yes, more please! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28549.3
http://www.gimodels.eu/products.aspx?products=MODELS by renato camesasca #28548
Pix On sale Lincoln Wagon by renato camesasca #28547
Beautiful! (EOM) by Ed Glorius #28547.1
(Pic) Does the 1965 Rambler Classic 770-H Hardtop has been already made? by Michel Lemieux #28546
What? I want this! (EOM) by Ed Glorius #28546.1
Pic- As well as the convertible and the cross country wagon? by Michel Lemieux #28546.1.1
Here are my AMC models. Sorry for the poor pictures and crowded by David Holcombe #28546.2
Don't see a Gremlin, Hornet four door hatchback, or Hornet 2 door sedan by John Quilter #28546.2.1
The 1939 Graham Paige Sharknose Roadster by IXO looks good. (EOM) by Michel Lemieux #28546.2.1.1
Is it me or Kess website is finito? (EOM) by Albert Kopans #28545
Something very strange has happened. by Graeme Ogg #28545.1
(PICS) Larry's much-modified '68 Dodge D700 Dump Truck by Clifford Read #28544
Great looking results! (EOM) by David Holcombe #28544.1
"Beautiful"! (EOM) by Galen Laird #28544.2
Amazing. Everywhere you look there's some changed and improved detail. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28544.3
One fine looking truck! (EOM) by Curtis Parisi #28544.4
Even though I'm not into dump trucks, I appreciate seeing your by Ken Spear #28544.5
Yet again the Read Bros show their expertise in model making (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #28544.6
+1 (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28544.6.1
+2 (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28544.6.2
+ 3 (EOM) by John Quilter #28544.6.3
Your conversion makes this truck correct for the US market by John Quilter #28544.7
1/43 models on auction! by John Kuvakas #28543
A few favorites as I'm trying to use a different camera program. (pics) by David Holcombe #28542
pix Neo 1958 Ford Fairlane H.T. by renato camesasca #28541
I’m thinking by Laurence Kemling #28541.1
I agree. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #28541.1.1
I can't believe they would get that wrong! Btw, what color is that? (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28541.1.1.1
Compare to the Goldvarg. by Harvey Goranson #28541.1.2
Goldvarg won this round, (EOM) by Shel Platt #28541.1.2.1
The white walls ruin that model, Besides Sergio already issued one. (EOM) by Shel Platt #28541.2
I thnk the Neo version needs a woman on the passenger side, all by David Holcombe #28541.3
Sergio’s wheelcovers look better too. With the Goldvarg perfection, why do we need another. (EOM) by John Merritt #28541.4
+1 (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28541.4.1
Phew, that's one ugly color. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #28541.5
I kinda like it - it would stand out on my display shelves. (EOM) by Barry Levittan #28541.5.1
"Blue Bird" 1957 Thunderbird by Ertl by Galen Laird #28540
That 1st pic is just perfect! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28540.1
Post dropped another four pickups off today. Think I'll have to start displaying them all in my by Tom Ciryak #28539
That Vette is gorgeous! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28539.1
+ 1 (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28539.2
That's the poshest garage I've seen (EOM) by Mike Coupe #28539.3
Its certainly the cleanest! Great car Tom (EOM) by Geoff Jowett #28539.3.1
Nice setup Tom. You might want to get the rock out of the right front tire by Bob Jackman #28539.4
rock removed (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #28539.4.1
test by Harvey Goranson #28538
Nope, nobody here but us chickens. (EOM) by Graeme Ogg #28538.1
today no new and nothing to tell..lol (EOM) by renato camesasca #28538.1.1
I'm having computer & camera problems, but I can still read the forum and send words. Makes by David Holcombe #28538.2
Maybe a false start but it shows where the imperfections are and easily remedied before finish paint by Tom Ciryak #28538.2.1
I agree, Tom, and tell myself that pretty often. (EOM) by David Holcombe #28538.2.1.1
David, I'll tell what I know, which isn't much.,,,,, by Raymond Paszkiewicz #28537
Sounds accurate to me, Raymond. I like your model and admire your fine work. Enjoy! (EOM) by David Holcombe #28537.1
PICs - From My Collection - '57 Oldsmobile by John Merritt #28536
Beautiful! (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #28536.1
PICs - From My Collection - '56 Mercury by John Merritt #28535
Nice model from Buz.I got the same one in red & black. (EOM) by Ken Spear #28535.1
I have this one......I love the colors! (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28535.2
Beauty..not to nitpick but shouldn't the upper and lower chrome moldings on the quarter be parallel? (EOM) by Barry Levittan #28535.3
Pic: Had to look closely, Barry, to see what you are talking about. by David Knight #28535.3.1
A real show stopper anyway (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #28535.4
LINK A short movie for lovers of old Dinky, Norev, CIJ... by Ralf Buyer #28534
Very cute video. Love the old toys and clever stop animation. I used to have the Norev Corvair. by Harvey Goranson #28534.1
embedded link! Le film fantastique! by Karl Schnelle #28534.2
Ca c'est formidable!! (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28534.3
PICs - From My Collection - '41 Plymouth by John Merritt #28533
Mine is No. 17 of 30. by Harvey Goranson #28533.1
I have 16 out of 30. (EOM) by Ken Spear #28533.1.1
It is a beauty! (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28533.2
It's all in the details [PIC] by Richard Sufficool #28532
Kyosho's Ferraris have incredible engine detail. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28532.1
Amazing! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28532.2
And the Enzo led to the FXX. by Harvey Goranson #28532.3
Re post 28509 - Hot chrome printing by Graeme Ogg #28531
Here's the video by John Kuvakas #28531.1
Brooklin Alfa 8C 2900B vs. TSM Alfa 8C 2900B (and vs Minichamps Alfa 8C 2900B). by Harvey Goranson #28530
Great comparisons. This particular car is not one I paid much attention too. by John Merritt #28530.1
Thanks for a fine post, Harvey. Your good photos and fine descriptions by David Holcombe #28530.2
Great Comparison, although I am not in real sports cars (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28530.3
Great write-up and photos, Harv! I also have all three but was ... by Karl Schnelle #28530.4
‘42 Oldsmobile Station Wagon by John Ellis #28529
42 olds wagon by Alan Dinsmore #28529.1
Alan, regarding the sun visor, by John Ellis #28529.1.1
John,for me the sunvisor is from Pete Kenna Austin (EOM) by renato camesasca #28529.1.1.1
Renato, I think you are correct in identifying the visor. by John Ellis #28529.
John,I think is a good idea,go on whit fenders (EOM) by renato camesasca #28529.
PIX Sunvisor self made in alluminium by renato camesasca #28529.1.2
A number 14 hit in 1975 here in the UK, for the Biddu Orchestra. by Mike Coupe #28529.2
Nice work John - the colors work really well. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28529.3
WHOA! That is amazing, what a beautiful transformation. You did amazing work here. by John Merritt #28529.4
John, that sun visor really had me worried. by John Ellis #28529.4.1
I have a couple of models with visors, they are definitely one of those love it or hate things. by John Merritt #28529.4.1.1
Very nice job.Love the additions including the spotlight. Brooklin by Ken Spear #28529.5
Beautiful work, John. That visor really sets it apart. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28529.6
Well done, John. Your skills, added to Brooklin's fine original, have produced a by David Holcombe #28529.7
Outstanding! The wood trim looks especially realistic. (EOM) by Lou Petrucci #28529.8
Thank you, Lou. by John Ellis #28529.8.1
Beautiful job once again John. I notice the lower grille isn't done by Jack Dodds #28529.9
Jack, thank you for your comments. by John Ellis #28529.9.1
I wonder if, being a 1942, chrome became limited as the war effort geared up. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28529.9.1.1
Harvey, that sounds a very plausible explanation. (EOM) by John Ellis #28529.
That seems right. I have heard that when chrome was stopped, several assembly lines at various by David Holcombe #28529.
You certainly got the hue of the correct. Very nice! (EOM) by Curtis Parisi #28529.10
PICS - Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Serie 1 1957 by Matrix Scale Models by Keko Romero #28528
Very nice. Ferrari models are another unrepresented make in my collection. by John Merritt #28528.1
A 1:43 sized mystery: Can anyone identify a manufacturer/producer of white metal by David Holcombe #28527
Just a wild guess here is maybe Plumbies in their infancy? Later they by Don Anderson #28527.1
P models by Fitzgerald Ireland #28527.2
Once again my old Ma Collection reference provides some answers. by Harvey Goranson #28527.3
Gentlemen, I thank you. Once again the Forum 43 membership has by David Holcombe #28527.3.1
A Unic car carrier for French car fans! by Harvey Goranson #28526
you have a nice collection of french cars harvey ! (EOM) by Michel Gouverneur #28526.1
Nice collection.Do you all have them displayed? You must have a museum. by Jacques Roest #28526.2
At last count I have 93 French Dinkies. As for display... by Harvey Goranson #28526.2.1
Harvey,that are a lot of French Dinkies. All my models are in 8 cabinets by Jacques Roest #28526.2.1.1
One more old car carrier [PIC] by Richard Sufficool #28525
Is that another Exoto? (EOM) by Jeff Gaither #28525.1
No. This isn't the expensive one.... by Richard Sufficool #28525.1.1
Very nice models and pictures (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28525.1.1.1
I have both versions in my collection Old Cars and Exoto (EOM) by Tom Ciryak #28525.2
early and inexpensive 64 1/2 Mustang by Ertl by Galen Laird #28524
This Solido dates back to the 1960s and was very good for the time. by Harvey Goranson #28524.1
Two of my favorites from the earlier Mustangs. (pics) by David Holcombe #28524.1.1
David, That 1988 Ertl Mustang is hard to find, I believe. It is also more scale 1/48 (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28524.1.1.1
Ertl Resin Police Cars by John Daniels #28524.
John, could you please tell us about the moulds? Why the holes? (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28524.
RTV Molds by John Daniels #28524.
Pics: An old favorite compared once again to the actual. 1949 Willys Station Wagon by David Knight #28523
Two more Jeep wagons, one familiar, one perhaps not. (pic) by David Holcombe #28523.1
A really nice model. I found a couple of these, I just haven't been willing to pay the $$ for them. (EOM) by John Merritt #28523.2
Pic: But sometimes too many of a good thing are not nearly enough. by David Knight #28523.2.1
Hate to tell you David, but unbelivably you are missing one. by Harvey Goranson #28523.2.1.1
Does anyone know if a model has ever been made of the 1956 by Ken Spear #28522
Brooklin and Collector's Classics (Buby) made Packards, including by David Holcombe #28522.1
Not according to Jerry Rettig's "American Wheels" 4th Edition. (EOM) by Lloyd Mecca #28522.2
BRK's 1956 Plymouth Fury (pics) by David Holcombe #28521
David, thanks for this great post. Very interesting information about the car by David Knight #28521.1
Pics: Brooklin 1956 Plymouth Plaza, Plymouth’s price leader by David Knight #28521.2
Thanks for the "plain Jane," David. It's really different from the Fury, yet by David Holcombe #28521.2.1
I've always liked this plain jane Brooklin a lot. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28521.2.2
This is one of my (many) favorite Brooklins. (EOM) by Ed Glorius #28521.3
(Pics) Stamp Models 1968 Cadillacs are coming by Peter Hart #28520
These look excellent, especially the closed top versions seen elsewhere. (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #28520.1
+1 here. The windshield and chrome look so in scale and delicate. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28520.1.1
At 1st look I thought these were a larger scale, that's how nice they look. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28520.1.1.1
Regardless of the name change, and teaser shots, they're still banana shaped. (EOM) by Robert Jacobs #28520.2
...and, you know that, how?? Hard to tell with half a pic. (EOM) by Lloyd Mecca #28520.2.1
Easy there, fella... by Robert Jacobs #28520.2.1.1
Yes, you did :) (EOM) by Lloyd Mecca #28520.
(PIC) I would have preferred the 1969 model, with the high back front seats... by Lloyd Mecca #28520.3
PICS - Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster by Motorhead Miniatures by Keko Romero #28519
Third picture down. Is it my perception or does the windshield by Ken Spear #28519.1
Here's a picture for comparison. I think the Motorhead version is pretty good. (pic by David Holcombe #28519.1.1
motorhead did nice miniatures ,it s a shame . (EOM) by Michel Gouverneur #28519.1.1.1
Agreed, Ken. It's a pretty nice model from most angles, but... by Graeme Ogg #28519.1.1.2
The chrome trim appears to curve down a bit towards the rear. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28519.
Although the windshield seems a bit low by Keko Romero #28519.1.2
I can live with minor defects like this on my white one - total cost only $38. by Harvey Goranson #28519.1.2.1
further back in time...[PIC] by Richard Sufficool #28518
Only on Forum 43! How great can it get!! Great post, Richard, & thanks! (EOM) by David Holcombe #28518.1
Wonderful! (EOM) by Gianluigi Cappi #28518.2
Those are two outstanding trucks. I think I have.... by Raymond Paszkiewicz #28518.3
Great models beautifully photographed. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #28518.3.1
Beautiful. Who makes these, Rich? (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28518.4
Exoto back in '07 (EOM) by Richard Sufficool #28518.4.1
Fabulous models and display!! (EOM) by Keko Romero #28518.5
Beautiful outdoor scenery and lighting. Your Alfas aren't too bad either!! (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #28518.6
Monaco Grand Prix, 1934 pic by Karl Schnelle #28518.7
Richard, at first I thought these were actual vehicles, they are that real. Fun . (EOM) by David Knight #28518.8
Pretty neat, finding a 1/43 these days with any opening features is a challenge. by Jeff Gaither #28518.9
The old HPI Le Mans racers are sorely missed. Engine detail was fantastic. by Harvey Goranson #28518.9.1
Auto Art's Miura and McLaren F1 are amazing as well. by John Kuvakas #28518.9.1.1
And don't forget their Countach. by Harvey Goranson #28518.
Ford F600 car carrier [PIC] by Richard Sufficool #28517
Amazing how car transporters of the 50s took 4 cars now 8 cars. by John Quilter #28517.1
I'd sure hate to make a delivery in Manhattan with that rig. (EOM) by Richard Sufficool #28517.1.1
(PIC) or thirteen... by Lloyd Mecca #28517.1.2
an entire dealership on wheels! (EOM) by Richard Sufficool #28517.1.2.1
fantastic (EOM) by Jacques Roest #28517.2
Love everything about your pics and the model Richard, "Thanks"! (EOM) by Galen Laird #28517.3
can some-one give me some more info about the transporter ? (EOM) by Joop Gisbers #28517.4
It's an Automodello and is currently in production. (EOM) by Richard Sufficool #28517.4.1
Rich, what is that top targa roofed car ? (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28517.4.1.1
Found it ! A Fitch Phoenix. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28517.
Here's mine, one of 192 signed by the late John Fitch. by Harvey Goranson #28517.
Nuova Giulia Super! by Karl Schnelle #28516
Congrats Karl! (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28516.1
The Brooklin 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible has posted on their website. by Lou Petrucci #28515
I agree, Lou. Looks pretty good to me! (EOM) by Rick Thompson #28515.1
I trying to find but on which website? (EOM) by Michel Lemieux #28515.1.1
Pics Belair Convertible by Jacques Roest #28515.2
Merci! Jacques. (EOM) by Michel Lemieux #28515.2.1
Thank you, Jacque. (EOM) by David Holcombe #28515.2.2
Looks great to me! (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28515.3
Can you get this one? by John Kuvakas #28513
"Silence" is one answer. Don't know the other. (EOM) by Graeme Ogg #28513.1
You get first choice of the two fabulous prizes we have today! (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28513.1.1
Quiet ! (EOM) by Mike Coupe #28513.2
Sorry, gents. Wrong forum. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28513.3
I was gonna say the Kess 1960 DeSoto (EOM) by Marc Burba #28513.4
Lol. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #28513.4.1
A mystery? (EOM) by David Crowe #28513.5
I think it’s “Time” (EOM) by John Ellis #28513.5.1
Good guesses. Check the Lounge for the second answer. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #28513.6
Pics: Fronts of the 1940 -1950 Oldsmobiles by Jacques Roest #28512
love the images...thanks for posting. (EOM) by Galen Laird #28512.1

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