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Posted By: Mike Coupe
Posted On: Friday November 24, 2017 at 8:43 AM
I spoke with Nigel on Monday Al
Nigel said that whilst Lansdowne Models aren’t the big sellers because of their less widespread appeal than the American models, he liked the range and didn’t want them to disappear . My own take on this is that there has been too many models which do not have a wide appeal, although as models they cannot be faulted, plus too many recolours, which has put collectors off. In my opinion there has to be a greater concentration on the bread and butter cars, the ones that were commonly seen on the roads which in my experience of 30 years plus of dealing, have that wider appeal, albeit generally only in the UK. With Nigel’s blessing, I have embarked on this “Market research” excercise to give some indication of the likely popularity of potential subjects, which have been selected by myself because in general, they have never been available as handbuilts. It’s success of course, depends on collectors responding, so I am hoping that collectors will respond.

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Message thread:

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Harv, he is - the latest model is still available the 1964 Herald 1200 estate (EOM) by Chris Sweetman #23373.
I specifically chose these cars Maz because, by Mike Coupe #23373.

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