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Posted By: Graeme Ogg
Posted On: Thursday November 30, 2017 at 8:09 AM
Rudely awakened this morning by sounds of great excitement from next door.
Much whooping and hollering and hand-clapping, then my neighbour knocks at the door and tells me his GFCC Pontiac, promised for delivery by the end of January, has arrived from China amazingly quickly, and would I like to see it?

Well, you have to humour people, so I got my camera and went and had a look.

From some angles at least, it really looks pretty good, quite crisp and clean with a very smooth paint job. The windscreen/windshield frame (on this example at least) has no chrome, it's just clear plastic, and would benefit greatly from some BMF. The silver highlighting on the edges of the fins is a little weak in places and could also be improved with foil. It needs front vent windows, which could be made easily enough from fine wire. But the overall impression isn't bad at all.

If the Neo versions didn't exist - and I don't know if anyone else has done a '59 Pontiac in 1:43 - it would certainly fill a gap in any collection of GM '59s quite adequately. I don't know why they've chosen to do this particular car in isolation, you'd have imagined they might have produced a small series of cars from this period, but there you are.

From the side, it sits a little high, and has very narrow tyres, so you almost expect to find a clockwork motor or friction drive underneath. The clip-on top supplied with the model is very, VERY plastic-looking, so the car probably looks better open, even though it lacks a tonneau cover behind the rear seats.

Obviously it doesn't match the Neo for overall quality or detailing (although at least it doesn't have that awful black front screen surround), but it isn't disgraced either. It matches the Neo for scale, length is identical and I almost suspected they might have pirated the Neo body, although there are small differences here and there.

The "distressed" box it comes in, with fake stains and scratchy lettering, is an odd sort of gimmick. Expect to see some cretins on eBay selling these models as "rare vintage barn finds" at silly prices.

Anyway, the dear old chap is delighted with it, and he says his pet budgerigar likes it as well. (Really rings its bell, apparently). And as model sellers everywhere are wont to remark in private, "If it makes some daft collector happy, I'm happy".

Now let's see if I can upload the photos direct from my Box Brownie ...

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Message thread:

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