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Posted By: Duncan Pohl
Posted On: Thursday December 7, 2017 at 6:25 PM
Can't wait. I loved that year Mercury.

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Message thread:

Goldvarg is working on a 1965 Mercury Parklane. This is a must for me - love the squared off style. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #23410
PIC - Exciting news, Mark! Will it be a Breezeway? by Randall Olson #23410.1
Randall, the website shows the model being a two door hardtop by Bob Jackman #23410.1.1
I'd like a Breezeway version also. (EOM) by Mark Sweeney #23410.1.1.1
Can't wait. I loved that year Mercury. (EOM) by Duncan Pohl #23410.2
Excellent ! A great subject choice. (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #23410.3
Hopefully a 65 Ford Galaxy 500 XL and 65 Chevy Impala SS will be in the works also. (EOM) by Mark Millar #23410.4
I think the Galaxie is a possibility. Seems he is concentrating on Ford products - must be by Mark Sweeney #23410.4.1
I'll cross my fingers for some 60s Lincoln Continentals. (EOM) by Mark Lampariello #23410.4.1.1
PIC - Galaxie would be nice. Impala unlikely. Have you seen Brooklin Models' Impala? by Randall Olson #23410.4.2
Brooklin really needs to stick with pre 1950 subjects. by David Crowe #23410.4.2.1
I'm not a Brooklin fanboy, but their '65 Impala HT is a winner. I like mine. (EOM) by Frank Racibozynski #23410.
I agree Frank. It must be seen in person to fully appreciate what a great job they've done. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #23410.
And next, how about a '65 Caprice, 1st year for this car. (EOM) by John Quilter #23410.

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