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Posted By: David Holcombe
Posted On: Thursday January 10, 2019 at 12:00 PM
The last of my parade cars (Whew!), a Mercedes for an emperor (PICs)


The Mercedes 600 was owned by many of the most powerful political leaders of the 1960's and later. This 1:43 scale model is generic in its label of "African King," but it is perhaps based on the French-influenced Jean-Bedel Bokassa (1921-1996), also known as Bokassa I, Emperor of Central Africa. He served almost eleven years (1 January 1966 4 December 1976) as president (the last four years as president for life), and then for almost three years he reigned as self-proclaimed Emperor of Central Africa. His imperial regime lasted from 4 December 1976 to 21 September 1979, when he was overthrown with French intervention.

Bokassa's life-long hero was the French Emperor Napoleon I. His country of Central Africa was a union of several former French colonies and had been a part of the French empire since the 1880s. Central Africa, a land-locked country, became independent of France in 1960 but has not built a lasting stability in government since.

Emperor Jean-Bedel Bokassa , seated on his golden throne for his coronation, Bangui, Central African Republic. December 4, 1977.

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Message thread:

The last of my parade cars (Whew!), a Mercedes for an emperor (PICs) by David Holcombe #25132
And a quick shot of the reconstructed little table that caused this series (PIC) by David Holcombe #25132.1
I have this Vitesse as a popemobile, with the same generic red-hatted pope figure by Mark Lampariello #25132.2
Vitesse and several of the other early 1:43 popular producers obviously by David Holcombe #25132.2.1
David, that still is a great display and a nice collection. (EOM) by Don Anderson #25132.2.1.1
David, a job finished and well done! The display table is a revelation. by Randall Olson #25132.
Nice model and I like the table. I need to see if I can talk my wife into a couple of those. (EOM) by John Merritt #25132.3

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