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Posted By: Mark Millar
Posted On: Wednesday January 30, 2019 at 1:58 PM
I met Andrew DiDia at the Bloomfield Hills Andiamos restaurant
Out of nowhere this polite well tailored gentleman came up and started a conversation with my family during dinner. He asked if I like cars the told me he was the designer of this automobile for Bobby Darin. He then showed me a picture of it, actually the same one with Bobby standing by it. After telling of how he took Bobby Darin’s input designing this car and adding some of he own ideas, he asked how I liked it.
His business card had a picture of this car on it and at first I thought this was a joke. Then I thought back when I was a kid of all the outrageous designs, like huge fins, bubble tops and fifth wheels and thought maybe it fit the era. I had heard of Bobby Darin, I think he was a singer with the big hit Mack the Knife around 1959 so I guessed it could have very been his car back then.
After a short conversation I realized this is his 15 minutes of fame and one he was extremely proud of. And again respectfully, a very nice gentleman, well spoken and a car nut although by today’s standard it takes nut to a new level.
I asked management when leaving about him, they said he is a regular and likes to be sociable with the patrons and especially talk about the car.
Rip Andrew

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