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Posted By: Scott Brown
Posted On: Thursday January 31, 2019 at 2:32 PM
Recently, there have been some Esval models of American cars on Ebay...
Here are some of the models that I have seen, supposedly available now:

1956 Chevy Belair Beauville Wagon
1956 Chevy 210 Handyman Wagon
1956 Chevy 156 Handyman Wagon
1933 Ford Model 40 Roadster, closed and open
and the '28 Cadillac 341 Sedans, including the Capone car, discussed earlier.

Some of these models you can see in the Nuremberg photos.

Because these models are advertised by an ebay seller of proven unreliability, I would never buy from him. But frustratingly, I haven't seen as much as a hint of these models from any of our established international retailers, including Legacy.

So is it just a matter of patience--wait long enough and these models will be distributed in the usual outlets--or are these some special cache of a few factory samples?

It seems odd that Grand Prix models or Carmodel, in their "coming soon" section, has nothing on these.

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