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Posted By: Scott Brown
Posted On: Friday February 1, 2019 at 2:57 PM
Without saying anything further about a specific seller, a few comments on suppliers in general...
Model collecting is supposed to be a hobby. The last thing you want it to do is to stress you out.

But let's face it, sometimes things do go wrong...maybe through an honest mistake, the wrong model is sent. Maybe a model is forgotten when packing. Maybe a model is delayed, for many reasons, some of which are not the fault of the seller. Sometimes a part comes loose or detached, or what's worse, a lot of damage occurs to your model in transit. Maybe the model wasn't packed very thoroughly, but sometimes the seller did a great job of packing, and still you're looking at a mess of pieces inside a cracked display case. We've all been there.

When you have a lot of such problems from one seller, well, that may tell you something.

But the true measure of a model seller can be taken when such things go wrong. It's stressful, looking at those little pieces...but knowing you've got a seller you can rely on will really ease your stress level.

Is your seller friendly? Is your seller immediately answering your correspondence, and showing he understands the problem? Is he immediately taking action, either a refund or dispatching a replacement part or replacement model? Or on the other hand is he delaying or is he making you pay for return postage for a ruined model, which he'll have to dispose of anyway? Does he have to be cajoled or pushed to make good on his obligations, or is he taking charge and getting the problem solved? Is he acting like he wants your future business?

It's when things go wrong that you can really tell who your best supplier is.

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