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Posted By: John Kuliak
Posted On: Sunday February 3, 2019 at 3:39 PM
1958 Impala for Frank R.

When you hit the link Karl sent, please go to the brand tab that says "Model Car".

That's actually our good friends the banana sellers, Model Car World, AKA Neo.

You will find pictures of a 1958 Impala to be released at some point.


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Message thread:

Does anyone have links to pix from the Nuremberg Toy Fair by Mark Lampariello #25300
Skip said that Ralf said (below) to go look at.... link by Karl Schnelle #25300.1
1958 Impala for Frank R. by John Kuliak #25300.1.1
Neo already did a '58 Impala a few years years ago ... by Graeme Ogg #25300.1.1.1
Good to know, Graeme by John Kuliak #25300.
They released this black version years ago, following the bruhaha by Mark Lampariello #25300.
NEO 1958 Impala (PICS) by Barry Levittan #25300.1.1.2
[PICS] And just for comparison ... by Graeme Ogg #25300.
58 Impalas were never two toned like this. If they were two toned only the top was a by Bob Jackman #25300.
Bel Air Impala by Raymond Paszkiewicz #25300.
NEO called it a Bel Air Impala. I saw one as a new listing the other by Bob Kleven #25300.
Actually Chevrolet itself officially called it the Bel Air Impala. (EOM) by Barry Levittan #25300.
In 1958 the Impala was a part of the BelAir series. In 1959 The Impala became by Bob Jackman #25300.
Well stated Bob. (EOM) by Frank Racibozynski #25300.
PICS--Thanks John, Personally I favor a well done MMQ Impala and of course, my Fred Lewis BRK ... by Frank Racibozynski #25300.1.1.3
Wow! by John Kuliak #25300.
Ixo displays another 59 Cadillac. Nothing exceeds like excess. (EOM) by Jay Golan #25300.1.2
Hi Jay !. Are you talking about a red Eldorado Seville with white top ? Pics. by Jean Philippe Sergent #25300.1.2.1
Yes. Thanks for the info, I thought it was 1/43 (EOM) by Jay Golan #25300.

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