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Posted By: Graeme Ogg
Posted On: Tuesday February 5, 2019 at 7:56 AM
Getting the Valiant up and running - just a suggestion.
You may have your heart set on finding authentic Kenna/Jupiter parts to complete your Valiant. In that case we can only wish you luck!

On the other hand you may just think the Kenna body is interesting and accurate enough that you would like to be able to display it looking like a complete Valiant in running order, not just an empty bodyshell.

In that case, I don't know if you have looked at the BoS or Trax models, but just for fun I did a few measurements which you could compare to your Kenna body and see if their chassis, wheels and interior might fit with a little adjustment.

BoS: Overall body length 108mm Maximum width (at the "brows" over the front wheels) 41mm. Wheelbase (measured at hub centres) 62 mm Front/rear track (measured at hub centres) 38.5mm Plastic baseplate length 95.5mm Width 32mm Tyre diameter 15mm Wheel diameter 8mm.

The Trax is a fairly close match: Length 110mm Maximum width (at the "brows" over the front wheels) 42mm. Wheelbase (measured at hub centres) 62 mm Front/rear track (measured at hub centres) 38mm Plastic baseplate length 99mm Width 35mm (the base is a fraction larger because the Trax body is a slightly thinner-walled casting). Tyre diameter 14mm Wheel diameter 9mm. Tyre diameter maybe just a touch too small, BoS maybe more accurate?

If the baseplate is too long/short, the central area of the baseplate on the BoS is essentially flat, so could easily be cut across the middle, adjusted for length and the two halves joined with a strip of thin metal or plastic card epoxied to the underside.

The baseplate on the Trax is more heavily detailed, making a cut-and-shut a little more tricky. And there is always the problem of baseplate support pillars being in different places and getting in the way.

Wheels/tyres on either model could probably be quite easily pulled from their axles and re-fitted to something slightly longer or shorter as required.

The front and rear seats and dash on the Bos sedan are separately glued and could probably be prised off and repositioned if necessary. The whole interior (seats and dash) on the Trax is a separate drop-out "tub".

The Trax has prettier wheels, although maybe too brightly chromed for some tastes, but both models seem to be trying to reproduce the same central hubcap pattern.

The Trax would probably be harder to find and more expensive (especially with shipping from Australia) and of course the dash is RHD while the BoS is LHD, so given the similarity in dimensions the BoS would seem the better choice.

But if nothing but the authentic parts will do, please ignore the above. I was just filling an idle hour.

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