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Posted By: Jean Philippe Sergent
Posted On: Tuesday February 5, 2019 at 9:05 PM
LOL !!! Crazy isn't ??? I am surprised I like it now ! But my doctor
can't do anything for me now !!! it's too late, the Cadillac bug is tattooed in my brain for 30 years now ! ;)
I really share your opinion about that unflattering ( to my eyes ) wagon's conversion. But I could give it a try, overall proportions are pretty good and it looks cutter as a scale model than the real one. Especially when the Eldorado Coupe 72 is one of my favorite Cadillac and I don't like conversions on it. The 1974 Eldorado wagon Esval has also planned is even worst in terms of design language.

Making some wagons is maybe not that uninteresting but far far nicer and sleeker ones have been converted from Cadillac Eldorados!. Eval didn't pick the nicest ones.

and especially when it could be more obvious to study and offer regular Eldorados, not only from the 71-78 era.

'76 premiumX's a banana.
'71 AMR's nice but has aged.
'73 TinWizard...hum...no!

So let's hope GLM's 73 is correct in the flesh !


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