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Posted By: Harvey Goranson
Posted On: Monday April 1, 2019 at 6:39 PM
OK, did anyone catch on here?
Check. the. date.

I made it all up.

These cars are some we saw in Cuba when our cruise stopped there a few weeks ago. Kay, the kids, and me got a driving tour of Havana in two cars, no need for me to identify these to the well-learned group here:

BTW, if Cuba is ever "opened up" financially, don't get your hopes up about finding a bargain classic down there. Two reasons:

1. Most of these have been heavily modified just to keep them on the road. Our two Oldsmobiles, for example, had Ford V8 diesel engines, a cracked window here and there, and aftermarket a/c.

2. The cars of the 1950's have become an icon there. As such, prices have escalated, and I think even if barriers were lifted, the Cuban people will hang on to them, they are part of their culture now. The 1960 Olds, we were told, is one of two in Havana and is worth, there, about $70K. I doubt a 4-door '60 Olds 4-door 88 is worth that much here. I might expect instead a big rush of auto parts and parts cars flowing from here to Cuba.

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