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Posted By: David Holcombe
Posted On: Friday April 5, 2019 at 1:10 PM
Decals: A couple of years ago I attempted "decal making" with mixed
results and some satisfaction. I have no financial investment or profit motive in any of this information.

I did a little research on my computer and found McGonigal Paper & Graphics (MCGPAPER.COM) and eventually ordered their "Try It Kit." That included Inkjet Water Slide Decal information and basics. I also ordered a few sheets of decal paper and a can of decal coating spray. Cost was reasonable.

Results? The color of white cannot print without equipment that is beyond me. What is printed is what the camera sees, using the inks in the computer's printer. So lines of type (black on clear decal) were basic and a good starting place. Pictures of patterns, designs, etc. resulted in a mixed bag, due to may camera's limitations and my own lack of expertise.

Here are some of my results on some old toys from my shelves:

The passing of years has stopped this little adventure, and so I have given up any more work with decals (except to mess up a couple of old ones on a 1:43 model last week!), so no requests, please!

But if someone is more involved and looking for a sideline and/or hobby extension, I think the field as you describe it is quite possible. Good luck!

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