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Posted By: Graeme Ogg
Posted On: Saturday April 6, 2019 at 1:04 PM
Great minds .....
My essential companions over the years:

1. X-Acto adjustable saws, used with a good selection of very fine blades purchased from a specialist supplier in London's Hatton Garden jewellery district.

2. Minicraft drills (U.K. equivalent of Dremel) with a good variable-speed transformer and a decent vertical drill stand.

3. A worktop mini-vice with swivel head, allowing the position of awkward pieces to be adjusted in all directions for cutting, and with removable rubber jaw covers for delicate components.

4. X-Acto blades.

5. A variety of fine P/E brass strips and meshes produced by Scale Link. An absolute godsend for thin pieces of body trim, window frames, grilles etc. which I could never hope to cut by hand (not in a million years, not even with a jeweller's saw!) The fret shown below includes 1mm and 0.5 mm wide strips.

6. Various brands of 2-part epoxy fillers - essential for the shaping of modified model bodywork if forming brass pieces to the final shape is beyond your capability.

7. Fine cellulose knifing putty (stopping putty) for tidying surface imperfections and adding a finer surface finish to the above.

8. Miscellaneous vital aids to concentration, and for relaxation after spells of intensely stressful modelling.

Thank you for watching.

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