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Posted By: John Quilter
Posted On: Saturday April 6, 2019 at 2:28 PM
If you will indulge me, here is some of my story and techniques
I probably started with a few Dinky Toys as well, perhaps it was an XK120 coupe I attempted to modify into an XK150. Along about 1985 I was introduced to the late William (Bill) Harrison, automotive historian and model builder/collector extraordinaire. He became my mentor in this hobby and since I lived not too far from his Cupertino California home I was able to spend time with him and learn many of his techniques for building and "chopping". Thank you, Bill. Below is a photo of some of the tools I use in this hobby.

A key item is the jewelers saw (way better than a hack saw!) shown on the left which is used to cut diecast models to create something different. I use a medium blade as the very fine and ultra fine prove to be too weak and break easily but you may go through a few blades on a complex project. A Dremmel tool is mandatory as well but it is not shown. Multiple bits and filing discs are important. The pin vice is for drilling small holes with various sized bits also not shown.

As to some materials here is a sampling.

The green material is thin metal used in the printing industry I believe. The grey is 1/16th thick sheet lead (yes, I know it is hazardous to your health but so are Brooklin models, or so says the State of California per the box label) the silver is sheet aluminum.

This shot shows various photo etched grill work sheets in various gradations.

I also use various thickness of polystyrene plastic (Evergreen brand) some smooth and some textured, (see the bed floor of the Sherpa below) plus strips of all shapes. Other materials can be as varied as paper clip wire, various gages of silver colored wire, wood veneer, rivets, washers, upholstery snaps, and all sorts of things found around the house or while wandering through a Hobby Lobby store in the "beads and bobbles" aisle.

And finally, this is a shot of a completed conversion of a Leyland Sherpa van (IXO from the James Bond part works) into a Sherpa pickup. UK residents will recognize. Also shown is the just sawed up early Ford Econoline window van which will become a pickup. Jeweler's saw used for this cut. Just one more of the hundreds of "custom" model projects completed in the last 30 years. Anyone coming through Eugene Oregon is welcome to have a look at the "museum" which is heavy in British and American but I am an equal opportunity collector with items from Australia, Russia, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, India etc. etc.

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