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Posted By: Raymond Paszkiewicz
Posted On: Wednesday April 10, 2019 at 6:50 PM
Accurate colors on model cars.
I agree with Joop Gisbers regarding accuracy in colors when scaling down from 1 to 1 chips to 1/43rd scale. We were lucky to have builders over time who understood our thinking on how to transfer colors to scale. They were well educated, being collectors of British and French cars, which are not so unlike our American cars. The Chinese factories are just that, factories, capable of making many things, including scale model cars. Without proper supervision, they know nothing about original paint colors, or the importance of same. I ,too, love Packard's, but skipped buying the same Light Blue Convertible, because the color appears as though it is the 1950's. It needs to be darkened and toned down to look correct for the era. Powder Blue is not even a good color to use in the 1930's. How many cars have you seen from this era in this color. I don't think I've seen any. We softened most of the colors we used off of original chips, to get the right shade. Another thing that causes problems, is when builders use colors off of sales brochures and magazine advertisements. There is a term, artist's license, in which the illustrator lengthens and lowers the car to make it look racy and streamlined, and also brightens the colors, especially bright Red. All these things must be watched over for the point of accuracy. Some collectors don't have this criteria, and just want a nice model. That is fine, and I have no qualms about it, if that's what you want, but I take great pleasure in an accurate model, and authentic colors. Any one agree or disagree with that lengthy litany.

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