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Posted By: Graeme Ogg
Posted On: Thursday April 11, 2019 at 8:14 AM
Ah yes, the well-known "scale effect"
This has been discussed on the forum before, and I've probably said all this already (I'm just hoping your long-term memory is measured in days or weeks. Or maybe milliseconds.)

Colours look less saturated when viewed from a distance, and when you are looking at a scale model it is like looking at a real car from much further away, so if the model is painted in the authentic colour of the real vehicle it can look too bright - or curiously enough, with a darker colour it can look too dark - because it should look weaker and less intense with distance).

Apparently people who build and/or paint models professionally take the genuine factory colour and lighten it by as much as 10-15% to allow for this scale weakening of the perceived colour.

That may be easy to do if you are mixing paint for use with a spray gun, and not so easy if you are using auto spray cans. One possible answer is to find the authentic colour in a shop with lots of paints for different car brands on display, then go along the shelves looking for something with a very similar tone but a shade or two lighter. Another trick is to apply the genuine colour over white primer rather than the recommended grey primer. Provided you don't apply too many heavy colour coats, the white undercoat can quite noticeably "lift" the overall shade.

Metallic grain is another problerm, of course. I've often had a problem buying metallics because although the can lids displayed showed the correct colour, they were all finished in a standardised fine grain, while the actual paint in the can had the metallic grain specified by the car manufacturer, which may be much coarser-looking and can really look crude and over-scale on a 1:43 model. Like tinsel on a Xmas tree. (In really specialised paint mixing shops you can actually select the size and shape of metallic grain that goes into the tin, as well as the exact shade, but that kind of profesional mixing can be pricey).

So reproducing a convincing shade and texture can get a bit complicated, and I can't really blame people if they throw up their hands and say "listen, I have a model of an XYZ Mark III and I've sprayed it in an authentic XYZ Mark III factory colour, so what's your problem? Just leave me alone, I'm happy with it!"

Anyway, unless you are really, REALLY committed to factory- authentic colours, getting a pleasing paint job on a model is a pretty subjective affair.

And if you don't believe me, just ask these guys ...

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