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Posted By: John Kuvakas
Posted On: Friday May 10, 2019 at 10:56 AM
Brooklin Diaries for May 8
"Greetings to one and all.
This week we have been getting our new BML 31 (1940 Nash Ambassador) ready to send out.
Come on in and see what else has been keeping us busy.

These are more roof pieces for the BRK 181P, one of our new Pink Collection.
These are the only thing holding up the assembly.

Some of our new BRK 54M caravans. This caravan is being finished in ‘bare metal’ – a process where we sand the surface and lacquer it to keep the surface shiny.

The ever ever ever ever popular and much loved Tucker Torpedo is getting another colour. This one will be black.

This tray is full of ‘secondaries’ – copies of the master that are used to make the production mould.

Rich has been drafted in to help screw the new BML 31 models to their bases.

3 down, 147 to go.

Probably the most important delivery that has arrived this week – TEABAGS. 1100 of them. That should see us through until….*does some quick maths*….next Thursday!

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