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Posted By: David Knight
Posted On: Friday May 10, 2019 at 5:22 PM
Nice! I like the dog too!

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Message thread:

Pics: Kaiser’s attempt at a small car, the Henry J and badge engineered Allstate by David Knight #25827
I have these; very odd little cars but look good on display. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #25827.1
Very odd indeed. First year sales of Henry J were respectable . by David Knight #25827.1.1
Here are three more. (pics) I like the Henry J! by David Holcombe #25827.2
Nice! I like the dog too! (EOM) by David Knight #25827.2.1
Kit by Fred Lewis #25827.2.2
These may have the first 'hatchbacks': there was no bulkhead behind the backseat, by Mark Lampariello #25827.3
The early Henry J had no trunk lid at all; the entire back of the car was a single by David Holcombe #25827.3.1
Pics: The Neo Henry J and the Brooklin Rod Henry J (NO TRUNK LID) by Jacques Roest #25827.3.1.1
There was no trunk lid on early Nash Metropolitians only the by John Quilter #25827.
Like the Austin Healey Sprite. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #25827.
No trunk on the Henry J....what an odd priority to save money on. by Jack Dodds #25827.3.1.2
Citroen made open rear hatches in 1938 - the Commerciale as it was known (EOM) by John Roberts #25827.3.2
Great models. I love seeing the Henry J at car shows. I have the green by John Merritt #25827.4

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