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Posted By: Jani Bodmann
Posted On: Sunday May 12, 2019 at 2:25 AM
A couple of my weird ones that don't really exist yet.
But I'd love for them to.

Dodge Aspen, preferably '76-77 SE sedan, though the SE coupe would be fine too (or both). I'd take the later model years as well, as long as it was an accurate quality model. That's my number one hope to happen one of these days.

AMC Matador Coupe, 1974-75. Surprised that this doesn't seem to exist. There is a pretty good one made for the James Bond car collection, but it's got fixed turning wheels so it's a bit... special. I can imagine somebody could make a good partswork of that, but surely this has to be an oversight if nobody has done this car yet otherwise.

AMC Marlin. How does this not exist? In any scale that's not a kit? I find it quite attractive despite its obvious "let's slam a fastback roof on a family sedan" basis. I like the earlier '65-66 models better, but the '67 isn't bad either.

'73 Toyota Corona Mark II sedan, just for my nostalgia feels if for nothing else. And maybe a '65 Barracuda could be nice, and a '66-67 Charger.

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Message thread:

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