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Posted By: Steven Williams
Posted On: Thursday May 16, 2019 at 1:30 PM
J.D. Simmons asked "Are any of you using "O" scale buildings/kits for dioramas?"
and I thought I might answer with some pictures. I hope they help.

What the heck. I haven't posted in awhile but have the code memorized. Always before the pictures were of normal size, but these are GIGIANTIC!!!
Help please, let me know what to do and I will correct the size. Thank you Karl Schnelle for telling me how to correct the photos.

Danbury Mint building

Model Railroad building (Rail King?) Changed the sign and it became mine. A Rolls/Bentley repair shop.

DM Gulf Oil with pit crew demo

DM Mobile Station station. A busy Saturday night with bluegrass accompaniment on the roof.

DM Saturday night diner

Pizza delivery. O gauge home with a 16 foot building strip picture background.

DM McDonald's. I cannot believe the detail in these DM buildings. I used to work in the 1st McDonald's to arrive in my home town, and when I removed
the roof of this building, I saw amazingly accurate details modeled that I had forgotten were in the real thing.

Background buildings & another O gauge building

Can you locate the two Kachina dancers? On roof & among cars.

Kids and bicycles outside the DM soda fountain.

A poster picture of Finzio's Garage. The garage is featured in a wonderful but fictional story of how road racing and the SCCA got it's start in the very
early 1950's. "The Last Open Road" by Burt Levy is the author.

DM Shell station did not fit into the 16' display case.

My little town's main street is located 4th shelf from the bottom. The 1/18th and 1/43rd scales displayed on other shelves are telling various automotive
stories such as Route 66 and the SCCA whose displays are pictured above.

Left side displays

Right side displays

And I hope you enjoyed the show.
Cheers and Happy Collecting,

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Message thread:

J.D. Simmons asked "Are any of you using "O" scale buildings/kits for dioramas?" by Steven Williams #25858
Here are some of these good pictures, reduced to 800 pixels. I think I lost a couple. (pics) by David Holcombe #25858.1
David, Thank you and how did you do that? I knew it was something like that but by Steven Williams #25858.1.1
Me thinks Marilyn peed a little puddle on the porch. (EOM) by dennis Brown #25858.1.2
O Guage Buildings by J.D. Simmons #25858.2
Woodland Scenics makes good stuff but expensive. by Robert Bolin #25858.2.1
I'll raise you a hundred! Here is the 1st one at 900 wide! by Karl Schnelle #25858.3
To do this, I right clicked your photo to get the ... by Karl Schnelle #25858.3.1
There are many other ways to do it as well - use photo editing to reduce it and save to your PC. (EOM) by Karl Schnelle #25858.3.1.1
Thank you Karl. Have fixed them and now I know how. Cheers, Steve (EOM) by Steven Williams #25858.3.1.2
Good for you, Steven. I was just too tired last night to figure out the by David Holcombe #25858.
And Thanks for pointing me in the right direction David. Cheers, Steve (EOM) by Steven Williams #25858.
Steven, Very creative and well done. Many thanks for sharing. (EOM) by Frank Racibozynski #25858.4
Great pictures Steve and many thanks for sharing them. (EOM) by John Roberts #25858.5
Thanks for looking and commenting Frank and John and all the rest of you, by Steven Williams #25858.5.1

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