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Posted By: Randall Olson
Posted On: Thursday May 30, 2019 at 9:52 PM
The models look terrific, even nicer than the 4dr ht Corgi Toy I had as a kid which is the last
small scale model '61 Olds I've seen. I am so glad that you are doing this car!

I am wondering whether you will delete the white roof on one of the versions (similar to your release of the '65 Mercury hardtops)?

I ask because the majority of the Oldsmobile literature i.e. brochures and advertisements, as well as my recollection (which may be incomplete) feature single colour examples mostly. Two-tones I think were in the minority. The roof treatment was already so feather-light that it did not require a white cover to lighten the appearance, in my judgment.

Also, and this is personal preference, I find the blue of the prototype a little cold and wonder if others would see green as more appealing? You are using blues and rose colours for your '61 Pontiacs, Buicks and Chevrolet. I would embrace one of these in light green to contrast with your other fine colours. The '61 Olds brochure featured not one but 3 different cars in green.....

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Message thread:

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These are amazing too. (EOM) by John Merritt #25922.8
Sergio is the blue one Twliight Mist irridescent ? Hard to tell but that color by Jack Dodds #25922.9
As I did with the 1960 Olds post above, I checked out the color chart by Jack Dodds #25922.10

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